Tales of the Holohoax

Debunking the myth of the Holocaust

Photos of German concentration camps below show that prisoners had access to banks, hospital clinics, swimming pools, libraries, leisure halls and even brothels. When their time was up, they were released from the camp.

These photos show that the German Nazis treated the concentration camp inmates humanely.

The photos of dead corpses being thrown into pits were of the prisoners who had died in typhus epidemics. Typhus is a disease that causes diarrhea and severe and rapid weight loss. People who die from it are usually emaciated in appearance.

Typhus was a common disease in prisons, concentration camps and other places where large numbers of people collected.

Typhus was rampant during the American Civil War and prisoners held in American concentration camps look just like the ones in German concentration camps:


IMG: American Civil War prisoner


The Nazis tried to counter this disease epidemic by shaving the heads of the prisoners. Lice, which are the carriers of the typhus organism, live in hair and clothes.

This is why you see many prisoners with shaven heads.

In addition, the Nazis tried to stop the epidemic by fumigating the bedding of the prisoners. They would fumigate the bedding, sheets, pillow cases and blankets by hanging them on racks and releasing Zyklon gas into the fumigation cubicles to kill the lice.

Americans used DDT powder during WWII to kill lice and control typhus epidemics, and Germans used Zyklon B (the German name for cyanide gas).

Somehow the Germans trying to save lives of prisoners by controlling the epidemics of typhus with fumigation of bedding with cyanide gas got turned into the “Germans killed 6 million Jews by gassing them in gas chambers” myth.

However, many scientists, including a scientist who worked at the Max Planck Institute, could not find any evidence that the gas cubicles in these camps were used to kill humans. The fumigation cubicles were too small for one thing, and could not fit the dozens of people into them, something that would have had to occur for the six million gassed story to be true.

Furthermore, you can see from the pictures of the de-lousing cubicles that they were equipped with hangers, on which the bedding, sheets, pillowcases and blankets, were draped.

Image: De-lousing cubicles in which fumigation of bedding was used to kill lice that spread typhus

More discussion about the de-lousing of bedding gas cubicles here:

The story that prisoners were gassed in shower rooms is too ridiculous to be believed.

Executions by cyanide gas, which used to be done in America, have to be done in a sealed chamber. Anyone whiffing the gas can die. Even anyone touching the skin of a person who has been poisoned by cyanide can die. You have to wear Hazmat protection to handle such patients in hospitals because cyanide is highly lethal.


IMG: A gas chamber in the U.S.

So the story of prisoners being gassed in leaky wooden shower rooms is not credible. Such a gassing would cause the death of practically everyone around the shower rooms for a distance of several meters, including the guards standing outside.


Here is a typical gas chamber used in executing prisoners in the US.


You can see how the chambers are hermetically sealed and have ventilation pipes coming from them to vent the gas safely away after the execution.

You would also need to strap prisoners down so that they would not try to escape. Chambers would have to be equipped with straps to restrain the prisoner(s) being gassed.

No such chambers were found in the German concentration camps.

The shower rooms they claimed were where the prisoners were gassed were just that: shower rooms.


You can see these shower rooms had many glass windows but no restraints to keep prisoners from escaping. You can also see the wooden doors. No gassing chamber would have leaky wooden doors.

Germans were famous for being a fastidious people. They would not have built leaky gassing chambers with wooden doors. The same as no gas chamber to execute prisoners in America would be built in that manner.


For a more detailed explanation of the impossibility of the most of the claims of the people who push the Holocaust look at the “One Third of the Holocaust” series of videos here:


German concentration camps

The photos below speak for themselves. Also read what this former camp guard says about the internment camps: Ten-Star Hotel.

The pictures can be found in Powerpoint format at Concentration camps

A video can be seen at https://vid.me/IEms



















“One Third of the Holocaust”

This is a series of 30 short videos that examine about six concentration camps or one-third of the concentration camps involved in housing political prisoners in Nazi Germany. The evidence contained in the video vignettes shows that the claims of the people who say a “holocaust” of Jews occurred, including the claim that six million Jews died, is a myth.

Watch the videos here.


You can either watch the videos separately, or watch them as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Or you can watch all thirty videos in the one movie.

I recommend starting with Video 6: Gassing Chambers.



Questioning the veracity of the claims about the “Holocaust”may become illegal in the future if this bill gets passed:


The Anti-Semitism AwarenessBill bans:

  • Calling for, aiding or justifying the killing or harming of Jews

  • Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust

  • Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all interreligious or political tensions

  • Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation


Episode 19: What does Charlies Angels have to do with gassing? Watch to find out:



Next false flag target: NORTH KOREA

Knowing the Zionists’ modus operandi, they will do a nuclear false flag on America, and blame it on North Korea. Then they will use the Zionist media to spread lies that North Korea was responsible for the terrorism. They will use the false flag attack to launch a war on North Korea. The nuclear dirty bomb will be made in Israel’s Dimona. Ironically, while the Zionists agitate and propagandize against North Korea, using the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons to demonize them, the USA, the host nation for the Zionists, pretends that Israel does not have nuclear weapons, and only apply for sanctions against North Korea.

This is the level of corruption in the USA, the host nation for the Zionists. The Zionists have thoroughly taken control of the US’s government, media and other institutions so thoroughly that the cognitive dissonance of the US being an ally of Israel while that nation points numerous nuclear weapons at the western world, does not penetrate the Americans’ consciousness.

The Rothschild gangsters Want Kim Jong-Un’s Head On A Plate” Listen Closely!! 2016

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