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Lying defectors

North Korean Defector Shin Dong Hyuk exposed as a liar by his own father

Shin Dong Hyuk [pronounced “Shin Dong Hyok”] is a defector who claimed among other things that he was born in a prison camp. He said that both his parents were dead, and that while in the prison camp, he had been tortured. These claims have been exposed as lies by his father, neighbors, workmates, and acquaintances (see videos below).

drawing2_1-shin-dong-hyuk=sml2                           shin-dong-hyuk-prison=vsml.jpg

Left: One of Shin Dong Hyuk’s drawings about North Korean prison camps. Right: The injuries to his legs which he said were a result of torture in the prison camp. His father said he got those injuries as an adult from working in a mine.

being burned over fire bdr.jpg

A picture drawn by North Korean defector Shin Dong Hyuk to show the alleged atrocities that occur in North Korea. He claims he was born in a prison camp and grew up there. Such pictures are widely spread in the Western media

His father stated in an interview on North Korean TV he had never lived in a prison camp. Furthermore, his mother and his older brother were prosecuted for axing to death a wealthy neighbor, to steal her money.


Shin Dong Hyuk’s real name is Shin In Geun. Here he is with a female neighbor when he was 6 years old.


North Korean woman says he raped her daughter and is on the run from the law

Shin Dong Hyuk was revealed to be a fugitive running from the law in North Korea. A woman says in the video below that he raped her daughter, a 13-year old school girl, whom he attacked while she was walking home after attending after-school classes. He fled before he could be brought to justice. The mother says that she would beat him up if she could get her hands on him.


Mother of the girl the Korean defector raped: “My daughter was 13 years old when she was raped by Sin In Gun (Shin In Gon) in June 2001. He ruined her life. Because of that she couldn’t get married until today.”

He has a criminal record as a petty thief and was facing rape charges

He even appeared at the U.N. to “testify” about supposed human rights abuses in North Korea.

shin-dong-hyuk-human-rights-unsml4.jpg       shin dong hyuk prison camp=sml2.jpg

And he also met with George W. Bush and John Kerry.

shin dong hyuk=bush-sml             John Kerry, Shin Dong-hyuk

And attended human rights rallies aimed at North Korea.

 on July 10, 2012 in Washington, DC.               shout freedom shin dong hyuk=sml

He also collaborated in the writing of a book with American author Blaine Harden. Harden has written several books about North Korea.

blaine-harden-escape-from-camp14 copy-sml

How many of these defectors are criminals wanted by the state?

North Korean soldier defector who crossed the DMZ in November 2017 stated that he had committed a crime.

“I committed a crime in North Korea, which caused a death,” Oh reportedly said. Though South Korean media reported his comments about killing someone, the nature of the alleged crime was not clear.     Newsweek

north korea defector.jpg

The North Korean soldier defector confessed to committing murder to South Korean authorities

Defector confesses he lied

Later on, Shin admitted he had told lies about his life in North Korea. But before he made his confession, he defended himself, quoting a tweet from Trump.

capture1=shin dong hyuk-trump-same.png


Video: On North Korean TV father exposes defector as fraud

Part 1

VIDEO:  Shin Dong Hyuk – “Escape from Camp 14”: North Korean answer [Part 1]  Youtube

Video: Shin Dong Hyuk raped a schoolgirl on her way home

Part 2

VIDEO:  Shin Dong Hyuk – “Escape from Camp 14”: North Korean answer [Part 2]  Youtube

Video: Neighbors, class mates reveal the real Shin Dong Hyuk

VIDEO:  North Korean eye witnesses on Shin Dong Hyuk  Youtube



Lying by refugees and defectors is common

A lot of motivation to lie

The lies of refugees and defectors are being exposed more easily these days with the rise of alternative media. In some cases, the stories keep changing and that is how the person is caught.

These people often have much to gain by lying. There can be a financial motive. In South Korea, North Korean defectors are given a payment for living expenses, including rent and other assistance. For valuable information about North Korea, the government can give defectors up to $860,000.

Some defectors and asylum seekers are escaping prosecution for crimes back home. They hide the fact that they are criminals. It would be in their interest to paint life in North Korea in the bleakest way possible, so as to garner sympathy.

Special treatment, including getting money, can motivate defectors to lie

In Western nations, refugees get special treatment that ordinary people do not receive. There could be a political motive for governments to play up the “human rights abuses” angle of countries they are hostile to and would like to attack militarily. This sort of propaganda is called “atrocity propaganda”.


Video: Yeonmi Park, DPRK defector and celebrity

VIDEO: Yeonmi Park the Celebrity DPRK Defector  Youtube

North Korea’s Professional Liar

VIDEO: North Korea’s Professional Liar  Youtube



Matthew Miller: “I was killed with kindness” in North Korean prison

VIDEO: jailed American Matthew Miller speaks about his life in North Korean prison! Youtube

Freed American Matthew Miller: ‘I wanted to stay in North Korea’

matthew miller200h.jpg

Excerpt: Miller said he had prepared himself for the ordeal he believed he would face in detention, but was surprised by how well he was treated. He was allowed to keep possession of his iPhone and iPad for “at least a month” after his arrival in North Korea, enabling him to listen to music and access other stored information, although he could not use them to send or receive messages from elsewhere.

“This might sound strange, but I was prepared for the ‘torture’. But instead of that I was killed with kindness, and with that my mind folded and the plan fell apart,” he said, speaking from his home in California.

The Guardian


Double amputee claims he dragged himself 6,000 miles to “freedom” on crutches

6000 miles to freedom 200h sml.png

According to the North Korean defector’s claims, Ji Seong-ho walked 6,000 miles on crutches making the trip from the DPRK through China, Laos, Burma and Thailand (traveling through jungles of SE Asia), finally taking a plane from Bangkok to South Korea.

map crutches man 250h sml.jpg

Ji Seong-Ho claimed he walked 6,000 miles on crutches

According to his account, he lost his hand and foot while stealing coal from a train in North Korea. He was stealing coal and selling it on the black market. One day he fell from the train car and lost consciousness. The train ran over him while he lay on the tracks, and he lost his left hand and foot.

VIDEO: 6,000 Miles to Freedom – The Story of Ji Seong-ho   Youtube

He was taken to a local hospital where he was operated on by doctors, without anesthesia, according to him. This was in the middle of tight sanctions on North Korea when medicines, medical equipment and other medical supplies were banned from being exported to North Korea.

After he recovered from his ordeal, he decided to defect from North Korea.

Reference: 6000 miles to freedom



Are the fakings of pictures designed to elicit sympathy?

Improbable drawings of sonderkommandos handling poisoned bodies with no gloves and wearing no clothes on their top half.


Drawing by North Korean defector


Drawing by North Korean defector



Atrocity Propaganda

The stories told by refugees and other asylum seekers can be used by governments as a form of propaganda. The propagation of false stories of abuse and maltreatment is also linked to the phenomenon of weaponization of human rights. These stories of refugees and defectors can be used to demonize, dehumanize and vilify the governments and sometimes the people of target countries, in order to create a pretext and justification for attacking these countries, and in other ways, bringing about a change in government or “regime change”.

shout freedom=lgr

Shin Dong Hyuk (not his real name), a defector from North Korea, has spoken a lot about alleged human rights abuses in North Korea. However, his account of his life in North Korea has been exposed as mostly lies by his own father. 

Atrocity Propaganda

Atrocity propaganda is a term referring to the spreading of deliberate fabrications or exaggerations about the crimes committed by an enemy, constituting a form of psychological warfare.

Wikipedia: Atrocity Propaganda


The problem with atrocity propaganda is that it can lead to real atrocities 

images (3)=2

Shin Dong Hyuk (not his real name), a defector from North Korea, with Samantha Power, USA’s ambassador to the UN under Obama. 

According to Paul Linebarger, atrocity propaganda leads to real atrocities, as it incites the enemy into committing more atrocities, and, by heating up passions, it increases the chances of one’s own side committing atrocities, in revenge for the ones reported in propaganda.[4] Atrocity propaganda might also lead the public to mistrust reports of actual atrocities.

Read more at Wikipedia: Atrocity Propaganda

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Weaponization of Human Rights

Human rights becoming increasingly politicized

Atrocity propaganda is one component in the “weaponization of human rights”. Increasingly, human rights as an issue that is becoming highly politicized. For example, the mainstream media can completely ignore the human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia, but run stories of supposed human rights abuses in North Korea daily.

images (1)

Shin Dong Hyuk, a North Korean defector, has been exposed as a fabricator by his father

Atrocity propaganda is war propaganda

The inherently violent nature of war means that exaggeration and invention of atrocities often becomes the main staple of propaganda. Patriotism is often not enough to make people hate, and propaganda is also necessary. “So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations”, wrote Harold Lasswell, “that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate.” 

Read more at Wikipedia: Atrocity Propaganda

NGOs’ role in weaponization of human rights


Shin Dong Hyuk, North Korean defector, here with Roberta Cohen, a fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Since the issue of toppling of governments or “regime change” revolves around justifying such actions, the topic of human rights gains central importance for certain governments who are waging covert warfare through the media on these foreign governments. NGOs have been playing an increasingly bigger role in the weaponization of human rights.

Modern Warfare Korea: the Weaponization of Human Rights

by Michael Bassett, September 11, 2015

[…] Searching ‘North Korea’ on the Internet reveals millions of hits echoing a consensus that North Korea is an ongoing “meth-addicted,” “nuclear threat to humanity,” “a holocaust,” a “hell-on-earth,” and a place where “unimaginable cruelties” such as “castrating the disabled,” and “mass murder by machine-gun fire” regularly occur. Even if true, in-depth inquiry reveals little actual proof of these claims. Regardless, most surmise that (for the good of its people) the country should be overthrown and “liberated” as quickly as possible.

Read more at Modern Warfare Korea: Weaponization of Human Rights



Secondary gain

The concept of secondary gain is used in psychiatry to describe the motive of malingerers – people who have something to gain by pretending to be ill. Secondary gain can also be the aim of people who suffer a real illness who exaggerate the severity of their symptoms.

Secondary gain is defined as the advantage that occurs secondary to stated or real illness. Transition into the sick role may have some incidental secondary gains for patients. Types of secondary gain include using illness for personal advantage, exaggerating symptoms, consciously using symptoms for gain, and unconsciously presenting symptoms with no physiological basis.  


The issue of secondary gain is applicable to cases of people who give false accounts of the internment of prisoners in German camps during WW2. They exaggerate the pain and suffering they experienced or others experienced in the camps or fabricate incidents of atrocity in order to gain sympathy or other advantages, including monetary compensation.

They also downplay the atrocities their own ethnic group have performed on others.

Types of secondary gain

  • Inducing a feeling of guilt in others and adopting a stance of moral superiority
  • Not having to face responsibility
  • Financial gain
  • Distraction from own crimes or misdeeds
  • Censoring others’ speech
  • Shutting down discussion or examination of a subject that could be disadvantageous to one
  • Demonizing an enemy and gaining allies against an enemy
  • Hiding their own atrocities, including war crimes, done on other people, by making people focus on one’s suffering
  • Creating a justification for attacking an enemy: it is a “punishment” or prevention exercise (“Never again” motto is frequently employed in this situation)
  • Justifying the making of laws that benefit one, using the excuse that such an atrocity must be prevented from happening again or the appropriate party must pay reparations so that they are deterred from doing the atrocity again
  • Gaining the status of a martyred “saint” and being seen as blameless
  • Having a weapon one can use politically
  • Manipulating the discourse using the concept of “political correctness” – certain topics or opinions are taboo
  • Use in war as propaganda
  • Use in political campaigns as propaganda
  • Encouraging “group think”
  • Manipulating others to feel they need security and a guarantee of protection
  • Justifying aggression and hostility

Note that either individuals or whole groups of people can act out from secondary gain.


The DSM-5 describes malingering as the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological problems. Motivation for malingering is usually external (e.g., avoiding military duty or work, obtaining financial compensation, evading criminal prosecution, or obtaining drugs).

American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, 2013

The “DSM-5” refers to the fifth edition (2013 edition) of the American Psychiatric Association publication, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders”.


Munchausen’s Syndrome

baron31asml2      dore-munchausen-illustrationsml200

On the left is an illustration from a book about Muchausen’s tales. And on the right is a drawing of Baron Munchausen rendered by an artist.

Munchausen’s syndrome was named after Karl Frederick Hieronymus, Frieherr Von Munchausen, a German Cavalry officer who was well known for exaggerating his adventures. Over time, his stories became more and more expansive and outlandish. Munchausen became somewhat famous after a collection of his tales was published.

Munchausen’s syndrome entered the DSM classification for the first time in 1980. Therefore, it is likely that this condition is underdiagnosed. It is thought that people with FD feign illness or injury not to achieve a clear benefit, such as financial gain, but rather to gain the sympathy and special attention often given to people who are truly ill.


“DSM” refers to American Psychiatric Association’s publication called the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders”.

Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy

This refers to a syndrome in which the adult subject deliberately causes an injury to or induces an illness in their child in order to gain sympathy for themselves.

Munchausen syndrome is related to Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP/MSP), which refers to the abuse of another person, typically a child, in order to seek attention or sympathy for the abuser. This drive to create symptoms for the victim can result in unnecessary and costly diagnostic or corrective procedures.

Huffman, J.C., Stern, T.A. (2003) The diagnosis and treatment of Munchausen’s syndrome. General Hospital Psychiatry: 25:5, p. 358-363.

#shindonghyuk #koreandefector #defector


Financial motive: Defectors earn up to $860,000 for giving “information” about North Korea

The financial motive to fabricate abuse and make up stories about labor camps in North Korea can be very great.

South Korea will award up to one billion won (USD 860,000) to defectors from the North with classified information about the reclusive state, reports said Sunday. The government currently offers up to USD 217,000 to defectors from the North with sensitive information but this would be the first increase in reward money in two decades.

Indian Express



Death by electrocution from electric floors, and death by being milked for semen–all peddled before “death by gassing”

Lies about mass murder, such as death by quicklime / vacuum chambers / steam chambers / a “building where the floor was electrified in a special way” / pedal-operated brain-bashing machines / masturbation machines / atomic devices for vaporizing 20,000 Jews / Jew-eating bear and Jew-pecking eagle / being made to climb trees that would be chopped down / being pushed off cliffs, etc., were common after the liberation of the inmates from the concentration camps.


In “Stolen Soul” (2004), written by an “Auschwitz survivor”, Bernard Holstein talks about how Nazi doctors attempted to prove Aryan superiority by collecting Jewish semen with masturbation machines, a procedure that often killed the subjects, according to his claims.

Quote (page 117):

But we never gave in, not really; there was that one time just before liberation but other than that we were strong. We would see the boys they put on those masturbating machines just drop, just die, right there in front of us. The absolute cruelty was beyond our belief.

That they could do these things to us, that human beings were doing it to other human beings… and we would hobble back to camp with painfully swollen scrotums whimpering: “Don’t bump me! Please, just don’t touch me!”

However, none of these stories took off with the public. Only the story of Jews being gassed in shower rooms seemed to stick. The propagation of this narrative was helped by the mainstream press and Hollywood, which started to make a number of movies and programs about the so-called Holocaust. In this way, the narrative of “Six million Jews were gassed in German concentration camp” came to be accepted as the truth by the public, which in general did not examine the veracity of the claims made by people.

(Part III of “Debunking the Holocaust” is here.)



Nuremberg: Torture was used to manufacture confessions

Rudolf Höss’ “confession” was forced out of him by torture – torturer says

rudolf hoess-sml
Rudolf Höss at his trial in Nuremberg

Rudolf Höss was the commander of Auschwitz from 1940-1943. Rudolf Höss’ confession has been used by many promoters of the Holocaust story as proof that gassing of prisoners occurred at Auschwitz. However, a book published in the 1980s reveals that the confession was obtained by torture.

Höss was tortured for three days before he broke

A Jewish British man who was in charge of interrogating Rudolf Höss tells the author how he tortured the former German camp commander for three days.


Ball-crusher, a torture device

Höss included impossible details to give clues his “confession” was not real

Furthermore, some details in the alleged confession, such as 10,000 people being gassed a single day in the camp, are unrealistic.

Perhaps the motive of Rudolf Höss of inserting these unrealistic scenarios and dubious claims was to tell the world in a subversive way not to believe his statements about treatment of Jews in the camps. Probably realizing how his confession was going to be used – to demonize his compatriots – he made his testimony as exaggerated as possible.

One such story that looks like it was made up is the one where he describes how after one set of people were killed and set alight, the fat oozing from their bodies was scooped up and poured over another set of bodies as a sort of basting juice.

Höss said what his torturers wanted to hear

heretics fork       heretics fork tool=sml200

“Heretic’s fork” – an instrument of torture used in the 17th century in Europe to torture heretics of Christianity. Some say Holocaust is a religion and Holocaust Denial laws are used to punish heretics of the Holocaust.

Höss’s “confessions” were obviously made to satisfy his torturers – to stop the torture, and also to prevent punishment of his family, something he had likely been threatened with by his captors.

Statements made under torture are unreliable

Any kind of statement made under torture is unreliable. Extracting “confessions” out of him and other Germans was probably done to perpetuate the myth of brutality against Jews by the Germans, as no written order commanding the extermination of Jewish prisoners wholesale was ever found. And perhaps such orders never existed.

The Holocaust Myth is largely based on these confessions

Without concrete evidence, such as a written order, testimonies by the “perpetrators” of the “atrocities” could substitute as evidence that Jews had been gassed in showers as part of an extermination camp.

Victors write history and will use torture to “back” their history 

There is much truth to the saying that victors write history.


Waterboarding torture to wring a confession out of someone

Höss hinted to a witness he was being tortured

An anecdote by a person who was in the same car as Höss, as he was driven to Nuremberg prison, supports the theory that the confession is not real.

A German witness called Moritz von Schirmeister, an attache of Goebbels, writes that Höss had told him:

“Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half million Jews. But I could just as well have said that it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.”

Höss hints that he had been tortured, something that his torturer admits to doing later.


Who started the gassing story?

The story of the gassing of Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz can be traced to two Jewish individuals, the Slovaks Alfred Wetzler (or Weczler) and Rudolf Vrba (or Rosenberg or Rosenthal), writes Arthur Butz, who wrote The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.

How the British Obtained The Confessions Of Rudolf Höss

By Dr. Robert Faurisson

The Journal for Historical Review
Winter 1986 Volume 7 page 389

Rudolf Höss was the first of three successive commandants of the Auschwitz concentration camp. He is often called “the Commandant of Auschwitz,” and the general public knows of him from a book published under the title Commandant in Auschwitz.

He appeared before the International Military Tribunal as a witness on 15 April 1946, where his deposition caused a sensation. To the amazement of the defendants and in the presence of journalists from around the world, he confessed to the most frightful crimes that history had ever known. He said that he had personally received an order from Himmler to exterminate the Jews. He estimated that at Auschwitz 3,000,000 people had been exterminated, 2,500,000 of them by means of gas chambers. His confessions were false. They had been extorted from Höss by torture, but it took until 1983 to learn the identity of the torturers and the nature of the tortures they inflicted upon him.

The confessions of Rudolf Höss supply the keystone to the theory which maintains that systematic extermination of the Jews, especially by means of homicidal gas chambers, was a historical reality.

Read more at Rense

Soviet officials who accused Germans of “Holocaust” crimes also lied about Katyn Forest Massacre

Two of the men (Nikolai Ivanovitch Lomakin and Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko), who signed the official Soviet report (USSR-008) accusing Germans of crimes at Auschwitz also signed the report blaming the Germans for the Katyn massacre (USSR-54).

liars auschwitz katyn


Holocaust Lies

This video is about the Rudolf Höss’ trial and the Nuremberg Trials in general.



“Judea declares war on Germany”

Did Germany have a choice about interning Jews?

MSG_III_1937_Anti-Nazi_Rally 300h sml.jpg

A Jewish rally in the USA in 1937

The “Jewish Nation” (“Judea”) declared war on Germany on 24 March, 1933. The declaration of war may have been what prompted the Nazis to put people of Jewish descent into German labor camps. It may have been done to reduce subversion and sabotage within the borders of Germany and German-occupied nations by people who had stated that Germany was now their enemy. It was clear by that stage that many Jews opposed the Nazi government and were ready to resist it.

Judea declares war on Germany

judea-declares-war-sml (2)-border.jpg

On the other hand, some people would argue that the declaration of war by the “Jewish Nation” was a response to the discrimination experienced by Jews living under national socialism.

It is hard to say which came first – discrimination against Jews, including their exclusion from certain activities in Germany and curtailment of their rights – or the acts of discrimination against Germans by the “Jewish Nation” (members of which lived around the globe), including their participation in boycotts and the waging of a propaganda war and economic warfare against the German nation.

Suffice it to say that relations between Gentile Germans and Jews in Germany and their compatriots in many other nations, including the USA, were fraught with hostilities long before the outbreak of WW2.

Americans also imprisoned Japanese and Germans

Similarly, Americans, fearing subversion and sabotage, put Americans of Japanese and German descent into concentration camps in America.

Judea declares war on Germany

Jews of All The World Unite in Action




“Daily Express” Special Political Correspondent.

24 March, 1933

ALL Israel is uniting in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews in Germany.

Adolf Hitler, swept into power by an appeal to elemental patriotism, is making history of a kind he least expected. Thinking to unite only the German nation to race consciousness he has roused the whole Jewish people to a national renaissance.

The appearance of the Swastika symbol of a new Germany has called forth the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance.

Fourteen million Jews dispersed throughout the world have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists.

Read more at Radio Islam

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The Real Auschwitz

The article below is adapted from Real Auschwitz. Auschwitz, a Polish camp, was the largest one the Germans ran. It held 50% of all camp prisoners. The photos are from Holocaust museums or from the camps themselves.


The Real Auschwitz

Visits by the Red Cross were routine:

Supposedly the most homicidal of the German camps, Auschwitz was repeatedly visited by Red Cross inspection teams, who were allowed to speak to prisoner representatives alone in order to hear first-hand of any mistreatment, chicanery, interruption of mail and parcel delivery, health concerns, food and ration matters etc.

No such visits took place at the Soviet gulag camps.


Auschwitz, supposedly a “death camp”, had many facilities amongst which were camp dental facilities. These were attended by camp inmate dentists and nurses who dealt with the inmates’ dental problems. Before the war, 43% of Germany’s dentists were Jewish.


In the camp were “sick barracks”, attended by camp inmate doctors and nurses, who dealt with the inmates’ health problems. These were much like the now common walk-in clinics in modern U.S. communities. There was a camp hospital to which expert surgeons from the famous Berlin “Charité” Surgical Clinic were dispatched, in order to deal with difficult cases at the camp.


Dr. Carl Clauberg:

A famous Berlin surgeon handled the difficult cases that occurred in the camp. 


Camp kitchen:

One of the largest service buildings in Auschwitz. It had state-of-the-art cooking facilities. There were twelve of these throughout the camp.

* The caloric content of the diet was carefully monitored by camp supervisors and Red Cross delegates. It only deteriorated in Auschwitz and other camps towards the end of the war when German railroads and the entire transport system collapsed under constant aerial attacks of the Allies. 


Up to 16 camp orchestras with every conceivable instrument available:


A camp theater where plays could be performed by camp inmate actors:


Camp sculpture classes were available for interested, talented inmates, and were led by professional sculptors.

Camp art classes were available for inmates.

A university existed at the camp, with lectures given on every topic under the sun: from health, the arts, philosophy, science to economic issues etc.

There was also a camp cinema, where every week, different, mainly cultural and non-political films, were shown.


The camp brothel, just inside the main gate, was a building used during the war as a brothel for the inmates. It was not a secret that the camp had a brothel; it was mentioned in books, and its existence was confirmed by Auschwitz Museum officials.

It was established in the summer of 1943 on Himmler’s order; it was located in Block 24, and was used to reward privileged prisoners.

Auschwitz-brothel-2                              Auschwitz-brothel

A camp library where inmates could borrow books. Forty-five thousand volumes were available:


Camp religious facilities were available, and were used on a rotating basis by all denominations at the camp for religious services:


Below is a camp swimming pool in Birkenallee for use by the inmates. There were walkways with comfortable benches for inmates to relax on, in the shade of the trees. 

Camp sports facilities, like soccer fields, handball areas, fencing classes and other exercise facilities, could be found at the Auschwitz camp. 

Auschwitz-pool                                Auschwitz-soccer-football-field

Camp swimming pool (L) and soccer field (R).

The camp had a sauna:


Here is an Auschwitz map:

– Who has a pool at a death camp?

– Do you build a hospital next to a gas chamber?

– Does the camp’s commander live only 1,200 feet from the gas chamber?

– What is a theater doing there?


Auschwitz had an artist’s studio:

“Art in Auschwitz 1940-1945”:

The camp commandant provided a studio and equipment for inmates to use to make art. The studio produced thousands of paintings and sketches. The Auschwitz Museum stores 1,470 paintings, but none, except for a select few, are displayed in the museum. 

Auschwitz-artwork                                  Auschwitz-artwork-2

A camp incentive system operated, in which inmates who did extra work could obtain coupons that were redeemable for cake or ice cream in the camp cantina, which also stocked toiletries etc.


A camp complaints office, where inmates could register complaints or make suggestions, operated on the camp grounds. Camp Commander Hoess had a standing order that any inmate could approach him personally to register a complaint about other inmates, such as “Kapos”. Camp inmates could even make complaints about guards.

* A system of strict discipline for guards and also for inmates operated, with severe punishment being handed out against those found guilty (for even slapping an inmate).


Marriages in the Auschwitz camp took place because worker inmates fell in love and married their inmate partners.

The camp had a child care center where working mothers could leave their children.


In the Auschwitz maternity ward, over 3,000 live births were registered, with not a single infant death recorded while Auschwitz was in operation under German rule:


The women’s sections of camps had female guards:


Auschwitz jail:

Since the camp was a large open facility, transgressors could be arrested, tried and jailed right in Auschwitz. Below is the jail building:


Auschwitz issued its own money:

Prisoners were paid and could spend the money in canteens, brothels and stores.

Auschwitz-money                                  Auschwitz-money-2

* Auschwitz crematoria – These structures were hastily built by inmates after the first typhus epidemic caused thousands of deaths. (Burial of epidemic victims had caused the ground water to be contaminated causing infectious diseases among the German staff. Amongst the victims was an early camp commandant’s wife. Polish peasants from the surrounding district were also cremated there.)

* Auschwitz pregnancies took place because of the open nature of the facility.

Camp post office operated in the camp, with twice-weekly pick-ups and deliveries

If people were being gassed to death, would they be allowed to write letters?


The International Red Cross visited the camp monthly.

In a 1650-page report compiled by the International Red Cross, there was never a single mention of gas chambers.

red-cross (1).jpg

The above was adapted from Real Auschwitz. Source of photos: Holocaust museums.

(Part III of “Debunking the Holocaust” is here.)

German internment camps – a story as told by their own inmates

German Concentration Camps


Theresienstadt Ghetto as painted by one of the inmates during the war. All photos and artwork in this presentation were found in the camp museums.


The Camp Rules


These rules are on display in Sachsenhausen but all camps were subject to the same rules.


Prisoners may spend their free time in the Barracks, reading, writing, or in conversation. Gambling is forbidden. It is also forbidden to enter other people’s barracks, so is making unnecessary noise, whistling, singing or playing games. It is forbidden to enter cordoned-off areas. Prisoners may use designated areas but forming groups of more than three persons is not allowed. The Camp’s library and radios can be used for educational purposes. Party newspapers may be delivered after gaining permission from the Camp Commandant.

(Notice that screaming,whining, moaning or crying was not forbidden so WHY was it necessary to forbid singing, whistling and playing games? And notice they had access to radios and a library.)

Receiving Money

All prisoners are allowed to receive money from their family. Received monies will be paid into the prisoner’s account. To buy in the Canteen, prisoners may withdraw up to RM 15,- per week from their account. However all purchases will be carried out cashless. It is strictly forbidden for prisoners to carry cash including foreign money, hide cash in cupboards, or horde large sums of money.

(So now we know prisoners not only had access to radios and a library but they also had bank accounts as well.)                                                                                                                         


The top board is for letters, toothbrush, razor, tobacco, etc. The lower board is for your plate and drinking glass. Behind these, you put your bread and other edibles. Spoon and knife are to be put in the board of the cupboard door. All of these are to be kept spotlessly clean. Your coat is to lay folded on the bottom, number on the top. Just before lights out, shoes are to be cleaned outside the barracks and then placed in front of the cupboard with the socks on top. It is forbidden to take socks into the sleeping area.


Q: So, what about those skeletons we see in the media?

A: Those were people who had caught diseases such as typhus, etc. Now compare them to these pictures taken by Allied photographers after the camps were captured in 1945.



Above photo was taken by the Russians in Auschwitz.

The two photos left and right, above, were taken by the British in Bergen-Belsen.

cc5           cc6


Many Prisoners Got Married and Had Children

Wedding in Auschwitz 1944: they had printed cards, photos, flowers, fashionable hairdos (not shaven), and the groom wore a suit and tie.


Another wedding in Westerbork Camp in Holland, and a photo of two nurses holding babies born in KL Auschwitz.   (KL= Konzentrations Lager)




What Was the Food Like?

Up until the war destroyed most of Germany’s ability to produce and deliver food to the camps, the food was quite adequate.

Most camps had their own gardens as the photos below show.



Some camps kept animals such as pigs for food. (Below is a sketch of KL Neuengammes pig pens)


The photo below shows a prisoners meal time.


This photo shows the daily food ration for prisoners in Auschwitz.


Towards the end of the war, food became scarce for everyone including the German population.


Swimming Pools

In many camps prisoners could go swimming.


Above is the pool in Auschwitz.


Above is the pool in Theresienstadt.


Above is the pool in the women’s camp of Ravensbrueck.


Other Leisure Activities

As well as swimming, the inmates could play football or watch a concert, and they even had the appropriate clothing with them.






Theresienstadt Leisure Pursuits

Relaxation in Theresienstadt was expressing your artistic talents …



… knitting or …


… just watering your garden.




The prisoners (not the SS Guards) had the use of brothels. Here we show (from the top) the brothel in Mauthausen Camp, below that the brothel in Buchenwald, and below that the brothel in Dora-Mittelbau.



Above: Mauthausen Camp brothel


Above: Brothel in Buchenwald


Above: Brothel in Dora-Mittelbau


The Brothel in Neuengamme Camp

Notice the well kept gardens.


Foto: Courtesy Camp Museum


Brothel Permits

To visit a brothel, a prisoner had to first get a permit and be checked by the camp doctor.


Below is the brothel in Buchenwald with a radio on the wall, and flowers and ashtrays on the tables.



Orchestra of Neuengamme



There were orchestral concerts or lectures, as painted by a prisoner.



What about Christmas?




New Year’s Party


Friday 31st Dec 1943

There will be a buffet, shooting gallery, circus, ballet, dancing, acrobats, singing, and many other fun things to do.

The party starts at 11pm and goes until …?



Celebrating Hannukah

Jewish youth celebrating Hannukah in Westerbork Camp, and below that, a school class.




Hospital and Dental Surgery

Prisoners who got ill had access to a hospital and dental surgery as these photos from Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Belsen and Ravensbrueck show.






Release from the Camp

Prisoners were released from the camps after they had finished their time.


Above is a release form from Auschwitz, and below, the camp commandant of a camp in Hamburg farewells prisoners who are being released.



One inmate of both Soviet camps and German camps compares

The German Communist, Margarete Buber-Neumann, came to Ravensbrück (in Germany) as an inmate after nearly two years in a Russian Soviet Gulag. She described her first impressions of Ravensbrück in comparison to the Soviet camp in Karaganda:

compares two camps margarete buber neumann 350w sml.png



American camps vs German camps

America was not being bombed like Germany

America, unlike Germany, remained relatively unscathed during the war. There were no food shortages. America’s supply routes were not bombed. Farms could produce food without any interference. There were no labor shortages in agriculture that affected the food supply in a significant way.

DDT kept the lice problem under control, and fewer incidents of typhus occurred in America compared to Europe.

Germany was a war zone and experienced shortages

In contrast, Germany became a war zone in the second half of the war.

As Germany started to lose the war against the Allies, a war that included the Soviet Union as an enemy, the country and its territories came under increasing attack by bombardment.

Supply routes were bombed–ordinary Germans suffered too

This bombing interrupted agricultural activities as well as damaged supply routes for distribution of food to cities. Also, as German migrants from other areas began to pour into Germany, the food situation in Germany and the territories grew even more precarious. Even people who were not interned in camps suffered food shortages.

Inadequate nutrition lowers resistance to disease

Lack of adequate nutrition lowers immune resistance to disease, causing people to fall prey more easily to infectious diseases such as typhus, typhoid, TB and cholera. In the pre-antibiotic era age, there was no drug treatment available to treat these diseases. Medical care was not as advanced in the 1940s as it is now. Typhus epidemics were a fact of life up until the second half of the twentieth century.

Typhus causes severe weight loss

Illnesses such as typhus makes people lose weight, and sufferers often enter a vicious circle of lowered immunity from insufficient nutrition, which leads to worsening of the illness, which causes more wasting, and so on.

Shown here are starving children in the USSR during one of the Holodomors (the Soviet people experienced three major famines under the Bolshevik communist regime). Notice the potbellies. This is a sign of malnutrition, a sign generally absent among the child inmates of the German internment camps. 

Typhus was a prolific disease during the war

The fact that typhus was such a prolific disease and killer of people in the days before antibiotic use became widespread is almost completely unknown today. However, if one talks to people of the older generation, some of them might recall a relative contracting the disease when they were young.

No signs of torture in bodies

The other thing to note is that the bodies of dead prisoners show an absence of signs of torture or other abuse. There is no disfigurement of the faces or body parts. Contrast this to pictures of the bodies of prisoners killed by the Soviets during the Second World War and during Red Terror (“The Ghastly Year” – warning: pictures depict extreme violence).

No documentary evidence that Germans intended to mistreat prisoners, but evidence to the contrary

Furthermore, there is no evidence that the Germans had a policy of deliberately starving inmates. In fact, there is evidence for the opposite, that the central government wanted the prisoners to remain as healthy as possible, probably so that they could maintain their industrial output at the camps.

One proof of this is a written order by one of Hitler’s top men, Heinrich Himmler, instructing camp commanders to reduce the death rate of prisoners “at all costs”, he wrote.

Despite the fact that there are many pictures in wide circulation (some of them which have been faked) showing emaciated bodies piled up in a heap in the camps, many other pictures exist of inmates looking healthy and appearing normal in weight. And these are photos taken by the Allies. It is hard to believe that all of these healthy people were new arrivals who did not have the chance to suffer abuse by Germans.

Most likely these photographs show the general camp population, and not just newcomers, and reflect the health of the camp residents who had not fallen victim to disease.

Most of the corpses are skinny; however, general population showed a mix of fat and skinny people

There are few people who are of healthy weight in these photos of dead people. Most of the corpses are underweight. This is an indication that most of the people in the pictures died from disease, not from violence. If they had time to develop signs of wasting, it can be presumed that these people had lived in the camps for some time – that is, they were not new arrivals. This conflicts with the story that new arrivals were given a haircut, were made to undress, were taken to shower rooms and were killed by gassing. If that were the case, there would be many people who were of normal weight or overweight appearing in the pictures of corpses.

Medical care in the camps was of high standard

According to many testimonies and photographic accounts, the standard of medical care in the camps was high, especially considering under the circumstances. For example, not a single case of mortality was registered among the 3,000 live births in the maternity center of the Auschwitz camp.

Prisoners had to be healthy to make munitions

And it would not make sense for camp commanders to deliberately starve some inmates but not others. The camps served as large factory complexes to produce munitions for Nazi Germany’s army and to separate dissident populations from the rest of the people. The Germans needed much manpower for the war effort. It would be unlikely they would sabotage themselves by killing these prisoners.

Camps were to segregate prisoners from general population and provide cheap labor

The camps served a similar function as the American concentration camps. They were used to segregate certain ethnic groups from the general population. Similar concentration camps also existed in Australia and Canada during the Second World War. They housed Italian and German people. In the American camps, like the German camps, inmates performed manual labor.

Difference between German camps and American camps

The main difference between the German camps and the Allies’ camps was that Germany was a war zone in the second half of the war, whereas America, Canada and Australia were not. This fact had a big impact on the conditions inside the camps, especially towards the end of the war. Conditions inside the German internment camps deteriorated significantly during this time, reflecting the worsening conditions outside the camps. It can be presumed that the worsening conditions brought about a parallel deterioration in the health of the inmates.

Zyklon B was used to save lives, not extinguish lives

However, the commanders of the German internment camps actively tried to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of camp inmates, as evidenced by their use of Zyklon B in the camps, which helped to kill the lice that spread typhus. The caloric intake of inmates was also increased, as well as the quality of nutrition (the amount of raw fruit and vegetables was increased). Doing this would have improved the immune status of inmates, helping them to fight off disease.

People from outside the camps were brought to the camps for burial

Despite these efforts on the part of the camp commanders, the death toll of inmates from typhus began to increase precipitously as the war progressed. The people who lived in surrounding villages began to die in high numbers due to disease. The dead people from outside the camps were brought into the camp for cremation and for burial as there was a shortage of burial services for these people as the numbers of people dying from disease began to overcome them.

Many prisoners were released from the camps in healthy condition

It is a testament to the efforts of the camp commanders that many inmates were released from the camps in good health, with no signs of starvation or disease, even though Germany had been under fire herself for the second part of the war.

The situation in America could not have been any more different. America was not a war zone. Life for the majority – in the camps and outside the camps – could go on as normal. Hence, those interned in the American concentration camps spent their internment with little impact to their health.

Germans did not do anything different from Americans did

If Germans are to be blamed just for the “crime” of having put Jews, gypsies and people of other ethnicities into camps and setting them to work in the camps, Americans (and other members of the Allied Nations) are equally culpable for interning people simply because they were the wrong ethnicity (and making them work during their internment).



Japanese internment camps in America

American internment camps for racially Japanese*

*People with even one-sixteenth Japanese ancestry were interned. Orphaned infants with Japanese ancestry were also interned in the American prison camps. 


Above: Minidoka internment camp in Idaho: nearly 9,500 Japanese Americans from surrounding areas were interned here. 


Above: Orders to relocate

in classroom=150sml.jpg

Above: A school room in an internment camp.  


Above:  A Japanese family returns home after internment to find their home vandalized.

japs-barbed wire=200sml

Above:  Japanese Americans in a camp. 


Above:  A mess hall in an internment camp. 

entertainment-internment camp=200sml.jpg

Above:  Japanese classical dance, 1940s, Gila River concentration camp, Arizona. Courtesy of Jōrōkushō Kineya 


Above:  A sign that tells Japanese to “keep moving” and to “keep out”. 


Above:  A cattle truck bringing Japanese-Americans to the internment camp. 


Above:  New arrivals in a cattle truck. 


Above:  Bunk beds in an internment camp. 


Above:  Italian-Australians were also kept in concentration camps in Australia. 


Above:  An American soldier stands guard at a concentration camp in Tule Lake, CA. 


Above:  A man looks through the barbed wire fence at a camp. 


Above:  Workers laboring in the fields in Manzanar Camp. Like Germany, Japanese prisoners were made to perform labor. 


Above:  A Japanese-owned store closing because of the owners moving to internment camp. 


Above:  Separated by a barbed wire fence. 


Above:  Young men playing basketball at a camp. 


Above:  Topaz Camp in the Utah desert. 


Above:  Arriving at the camp in Tule Lake. 


Above: Guard tower at Tule Lake. 


Above: Map showing camp locations. 


Above: Elderly men slept in the gymnasium. Each internee was allotted 42 inches of space. 


Above: Under Executive Order 9066, 110,000 Japanese Americans were interned. 


Above: Temporary barracks in an internment camp.

(Part III of “Debunking the Holocaust” is here.)



Is Holocaust revisionism antisemitic?


It can be argued that correcting people’s understanding of the so-called Holocaust and pointing out wrong information about German concentration camps is prosemitic. It is also pro-gentile. It is to the benefit of everyone to be told the truth about any event, whether the audience is Jewish or Gentile. It also ends the persecution and slander of the German people.

Everyone, including Jews, deserves to receive correct information. Therefore, Holocaust revisionism is not antisemitic but the opposite. It is prosemitic and pro-gentile from the point of view that correcting misconceptions about historical views is helpful and useful to humanity.

Persecuting revisionists and spreading hysteria and paranoia about the Holocaust and treating any discussion about the Holocaust revisionism as a taboo subject plays into the hands of those who promote atrocity propaganda.

It should be asked: “Who is the real antisemite?” Who is promoting the view that all Jews must collude together to lie collectively about an event that concerns them? Who are the people who make it easier to spread the view that Jews think and act as a group that functions separately and in secret enmity to the gentile people they live amongst? Who is creating a backlash against Jews? Are these people Holocaust revisionists or Jews who advocate the shutting down of discussion about this topic?

It should be noted that quite a few notable Holocaust revisionists or “deniers” are Jews themselves. Some of them are communists too.


Video: Rabbi Shapiro Exposes Netanyahu & Zionist Movement

Video: Youtube



Jewish Holocaust revisionists are Holocaust “truthers”

As noted already, not all Holocaust revisionists (Holocaust “truthers”) are Gentiles. Quite a few are Jewish. Paul Rassinier was a Jewish Frenchman in the resistance movement who got caught by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp. He says the prisoners were treated humanely and there was no gassing of prisoners. David Cole is an American Jewish revisionist. (Since the making of a video, he has switched his stance a couple of times.) Lenni Brenner is another Jew who “denies” the Holocaust. However, unlike other historians, his focus is more on the collaboration of the Zionists with the Nazis and how the imprisonment of Jews in camps and their persecution benefitted the aims of the Zionists.

There is also Horst Mahler, who belatedly disccovered his Jewish heritage, in his middle years. Now in his 70s, he has been in prison for more than 12 years for Holocaust denial in Germany. In Germany, truth is no defense in Holocaust denial trials. Recently escaping from Germany and seeking asylum in Hungary, his request for asylum was rejected by the Hungarian government, and he was returned to prison in Germany.

There is also Gerard Menuchin, son of the famous violinist, Yehudi Menuchin. He has written a book, “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”, that exposes the myths of the Holocaust. It can be read here.



Paul Rassinier, camp inmate and founder of Holocaust revisionism


Rassinier was a French communist who organized underground resistance movements and was caught by the Germans. He was incarcerated in a German labor camp. When he was released, he became increasingly disturbed about the false stories and accounts of prisoners of the German camps, and felt compelled to speak out. Thus, he became the unwitting founder of the Revisionist Movement.

He began to write a number of books about the experience of Jews in the WW2 period, including the experience of being interned in German camps, in order to set the record straight.

Paul Rassinier

Paul Rassinier is the generally acknowledged founder of scholarly Holocaust revisionism. Born in France on March 18, 1906, and trained as an educator, he taught history and geography at the secondary school in Faubourg de Montbeliard.

During the Second World War, he co-founded the “Libé-Nord” underground Resistance organization, which helped smuggle Jews from German-occupied France into Switzerland. As a result, he was arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943 and deported to Germany, where he was held prisoner until the end of the war in Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps.

After returning home, the French government recognized his courage and suffering with the highest decoration awarded for Resistance activities. He was also elected to the French National Assembly as a deputy of the Socialist party (SFIO).

Rassinier was profoundly distressed by the many lies and myths about the concentration camps that were being circulated. He wrote:

“Then one day I realized that a false picture of the German camps had been created and that the problem of the concentration camps was a universal one, not just one that could be disposed of by placing it on the doorstep of the National Socialists. The deportees — many of whom were Communists — had been largely responsible for leading international political thinking to such an erroneous conclusion. I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a dangerous influence.”

In a series of books, Rassinier related his camp experiences, and sought to set the record straight about the camps and Germany’s wartime Jewish policy. A collection of four of his most important writings — La Passage de la ligne, Le Mensonge d’Ulysse, Ulysse trahi par les siens, and Le Drame des Juifs européens — has been published in an English translation under the title The Holocaust Story and The Lies of Ulysses.

Rassinier became increasingly skeptical of the reports of systematic killings of Jews in gas chambers:

“With regard to gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses and of falsified documents to which I have invited the reader’s attention during this long study, proves, nevertheless, only one thing: never at any moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order — or, in fact, order — the extermination of the Jews in this or any other manner. Did such exterminations take place without orders? This question has haunted me for 15 years.”

The number of Jews who perished in Europe during the war years, he concluded, could not have been more than about 1.6 million.

Among the many who were impressed by Rassinier was the great American historian Harry Elmer Barnes. In a 1962 essay, “Revisionism and Brainwashing,” Barnes remarked on “the discouragement and smearing of outsiders like the distinguished French historian Paul Rassinier, who sought to expose the exaggerations of the atrocity stories.”

Until his death on July 29, 1967, Rassinier was active in the anti-war movement, for example as a contributor to the pacifist monthly, La Voie de la Paix.

Read more at  Revisionists



David Cole: A Jewish revisionist

VIDEO:  David Cole In Auschwitz (Full Documentary)  Youtube


`Cole`s triumphs against the Holocaust establishment include exposing the “Los Angeles Museum of Intolerance” for showing phony gas van footage and pretending it was real. Cole showed that it came from a 1962 Polish feature film.

During Cole’s Montel Williams appearance he was confronted with a Holocaust survivor who told of how his entire family had been exterminated (Gassed). This led to the discovery of the man’s other brother who, unbeknownst to him, had been living in New York after emigrating from the former Soviet Union. The two brothers each thought the other had perished and had been reunited only because of the David Cole TV appearance.

The fact that this supported Cole’s point — that many who were thought to have died, really ended up behind the Iron Curtain — was lost on the Montel Williams show which broadcast a reunion between the two brothers without mentioning the context.

His documentaries were shot from within the gates of Auschwitz and questioned what happened there. He said the gas chamber at Dachau was a cleverly constructed fake.

In turn he was reviled and called the Anti-Christ. Eventually he was put out of business by several beatings and a $25,000 bounty placed on his head by a group of thugs calling themselves the Jewish Defense League. In 1998 he faked his death, then changed his name to David Stein.

After dropping out of revisionism he looked around for a way to make a living and found himself able to use his archive to make money through two markets. Firstly he sold to revisionists. Then, he utilised his vast knowledge of the subject to become an historical consultant on mainstream Holocaust documentaries and films, most of which, he now claims, were a heap of garbage from the factual point of view.

He reinvented himself as a networker on the Hollywood conservative scene as an event organiser for the “underground” Hollywood conservative group Friends of Abe. He duly found himself mixing with Hollywood royalty such as actors Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, not to mention politicians such as Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and John Boehner.

His spin-off fund-raising operation was highly successful. Republican Party Animals allowed conservatives to let their hair down in a frenzy of alcohol and pole dancers. Cole, an outgoing go-getter, was in his element and was seen as someone who could get things done and throw a terrific party.
He was also soon in demand as a writer amongst the blogging and journalistic fraternity on the right.

Then a disgruntled old flame pointed out his Holocaust revisionist chat show appearances and passed the links around. His Facebook connections started to melt away in front of his eyes and soon his stout conservative friends wouldn’t even take his calls, let alone hear his explanation. At the age of 45, he was a pariah again.

What now for David Cole? He says he has rededicated himself to the subject of Holocaust revisionism which was always his true calling.`

— The Strange History of David Cole

July 23, 2014
Francis Carr Begbie

David Cole’s “banned” 1994 Institute of Historical Revisionism Conference speech

VIDEO: David Cole’s “Banned” 1994 IHR Conference Speech! Youtube


Two members of the Menuhin family

Two members of the famous Menuhin family of musicians are denouncing the Holocaust religion.

Moshe Menuhin

Moshe Menuhin (1893–1983) was born Moshe Mnuchin in Gomel (Belarus) to a distinguished, religious Jewish family. He was the great great grandson of Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad Hassidism. When the family moved to Palestine, Moshe was sent to Orthodox Jewish schools, first to Yeshivas in Jerusalem, then to the Hebrew Gymnasia Herzlia in Jaffa – Tel Aviv.

In 1913 he came to the United States to complete his higher education, attending New York University where he studied mathematics, political science and education.

In late 1919 he and his wife Marutha (née Sher) became American citizens, and changed their surname to Menuhin.

He later moved to California, where he worked as a Hebrew teacher. A committed anti-Zionist, he was the author of The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time and Jewish Critics of Zionism, and of the family history The Menuhin Saga.

His grandson, Gerard Menuhin, writes:

‘… while I was ordering the contents of my deceased grandparents’ house, I chanced on a copy of the National Zeitung, the patriotic German newspaper to which my grandfather had contributed a column for several years during the Sixties. He had devoted his life, by means of books and articles, to supporting the Palestinians, among whom he had lived as a boy, during the first decade of the 20th century. A Russian-Jewish immigrant, he had experienced much kindness from the local Arabs and had taken stock of the attitude and expectations of some of the Jewish settlers.’ 

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Moshe Menuhin was the father of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin and pianists Hephzibah Menuhin Hauser and Yaltah Menuhin, and grandfather of Gerard Menuhin.


Gerard Menuhin

Gerard Menuhin, the son of the late world-famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, has been force to resign from a foundation set up by his late father.

Gerard Menuhin caused an uproar in Zionist circles by suggesting that Germany was being blackmailed by an international Jewish conspiracy preying on the country’s war guilt.

His book can be read here at Holocaust Handbooks. Browse other books at Holocaust Handbooks.

tell the truth shame the devil cover=sml250.jpg

The interview below is from  noliesradio.org. It reveals how Menuhin came to be a Holocaust revisionist.

Gerard Menuhin on “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”

Almost from the moment I garnered mainstream media notice as a voice of 9/11 truth, I became the target of a libelous Zionist campaign to smear me as a “holocaust denier” – even though I had never voiced any opinions on that issue, about which I knew next to nothing. A false and libelous Wikipedia paragraph spuriously linking me to “holocaust deniers” whose names I did not even recognize appeared, and reappeared every time it was taken down. After years of these bizarre false accusations, I grew curious: Who was doing this, and why? Who gave them such mendacious imaginations, complete control of Wikipedia, and immunity from libel laws? And what purposes were served by falsely accusing 9/11 truth advocates of “holocaust denial”? (These accusations resurfaced last week as part of a smear campaign against Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka.)

Gerard Menuhin, son of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin, offers disturbing answers. His book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (click the title for a free download) provides a stunning compilation of repressed quotes and facts that, taken together, challenge the conventional narrative of mainstream history

What led a prominent Jewish figure like Gerard Menuhin to take on such a “third rail” issue as holocaust revisionism – and then situate it in the context of an alleged intergenerational Jewish conspiracy for world domination via the “New World Order”?


The case of Horst Mahler – Gerard Menuhin about real refugees




Is Holocaust revisionism pro-National Socialist?

The position of Holocaust revisionism infers neither a pro-National Socialist or anti-National Socialist stance. Holocaust revisionism is just that: it is reviewing the history of the internment of prisoners in German camps during WWII, and revising misconceptions about them.

“Nazi” (Nationalsozializm) is National Socialism in the German language. “Nazi” is a slang word for National Socialism. It is derogatory. The equivalent for communists is “Sozi”. Nationalism and socialism are movements that not only existed in post-Weimar Germany, they can also be found in many other parts of the world.

Nationalism and socialism can occur as a combined political ideology (national socialism) in nations, and they can occur separately (as nationalism without socialism, and socialism without nationalism) in countries too.

Germany is socialist today. Sweden is socialist. But neither countries could be described as nationalist. Many nations in western Europe and around the world are socialist. Iran, Syria, Kuwait, and Libya (before the fall of Gaddafi’s government) in the Middle East, and Norway, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom in Europe, and Canada, Venezuela and Ecuador in the Americas are all countries that can be considered “socialist”.

Some communists and former communists are Holocaust revisionists. For example, Paul Rassinier, Lenni Brenner and Horst Mahler (formerly communist and now national socialist) are all Holocaust revisionists or “deniers”. These three Holocaust revisionists happen to be Jewish too.

Many people say that Holocaust revisionists are revising history for a political reason – that they are only doing this because “they’re Nazis”. This is an over-generalization. History revisionists come from all political, ethnic and racial backgrounds and walks of life. Lumping history revisionists as belonging to one political spectrum, specifically National Socialism, is incorrect. 



Persecution of Holocaust “heretics”: modern-day witch hunts

Denial of the truths revealed through Holocaust revisionism should be seen as the real antisemitism. Suppression of the truth through censorship, and persecution of revisionists through imprisonment, slander, bullying, physical attacks, verbal threats of violence, boycotting, blacklisting and character assassination are all the tactics that Christian authorities used against the so-called heretics of the Christian religion who were persecuted for saying the earth was a sphere and revolved around the sun.

Similar tactics are being used against Holocaust Revisionists today. The same acts of censorship, blacklisting, imprisonment, boycotting, expulsion and excommunication from society, the physical attacks, legal harassment are directed at Holocaust revisionists––they are the modern-day heretics.

Religious heretics of the past

galileo-9305220-1-402=sml                History_Galileo_Galiei_31816_revised2=sml

Galileo was an astronomer who put forward the heretical idea that the Earth revolves around the sun. 

galileotrial=sml                christian persecution=sml

Galileo was put on trial for his heretical ideas. Like the Holocaust defamation laws in many countries, including Germany, truth was no defense back in those days. So even though Galileo could show proof for his heretical ideas about the galaxy, he could have been denounced as a heretic and put to death if he hadn’t recanted. In the Dark Ages, heretics were put to death. So even though Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf and Frederick Toben (among other Holocaust researchers) can support their claims in court with evidence, the truth is no defense in these trials; these people were subsequently convicted. 

Preventing the light from shining on the truth about the so-named Holocaust indicates that the people doing this have something to hide.

The so-called Holocaust is used by some people to create an “us against them” mentality among Jews: Jews vs Gentiles. This helps the agenda of separatism and exceptionalism of some Jews. As “victims”, they can claim special privileges.

Modern-day Galileos

horst-mahler3=sml             # 12 HM-mahler=sml            sylvia stolz=sml

LEFT AND CENTER: Horst Mahler has been in prison for 12 years in Germany for the crime of “Holocaust denial”. For Horst Mahler, there is no such thing as free speech. In Germany, the truth is no defense when on trial for Holocaust denial. 

RIGHT: Sylvia Stolz, the lawyer for Horst Mahler during his Holocaust denial trial, was also thrown into jail for supporting her client in his claims about the Holocaust. 

Punishment of “thought crimes” of scientists; are we still living in the Dark Ages? 

ursula haverbeck=sml          GermarRudolf=sml            GermarRudolf_sm=sml

LEFT: Ursula Haverbeck was in her 80s when she was put into prison for Holocaust heresy. CENTER:  Germar Rudolf, a chemist who used to work for the Max Planck Institute, was jailed for Holocaust “heresy”. RIGHT: Germar Rudolf having his mug shot taken after his arrest for Holocaust “heresy”. 

RobertFaurisson=sml       RobertFaurissonpicchiato=sml        David-Irving-775131=sml       beaten_irving1_david irving=sml

LEFT:  Professor Robert Faurisson. He was assaulted by Zionists (Jewish Defense League) and hospitalized. RIGHT: David Irving, a British historian, was jailed for Holocaust “heresy”. He, like Professor Faurisson, has been assaulted by Zionists for his stance on the so-called Holocaust. 

fred leuchter 2=sml           xToben-1-226x320.jpg.pagespeed.ic=sml           art-353-Fredrick-Toben-300x0=sml

LEFT:  Fred Leuchter of the Leuchter Report. He worked in the corrections department and was in charge of the execution of prisoners. He visited German camps to study the so-called gas chambers. Because of the nature of his profession, he was familiar with the procedures involved in executions by cyanide gas. His report debunked the Holocaust story. For doing that, he was harassed and lost his job and found it hard to find another job in the same field. Zionist groups exerted their influence in victimizing and persecuting him.  CENTER AND RIGHT:   Australian Frederick Toben, another Holocaust “heretic”, has been jailed twice in Australia for his heresy. His website “Adelaide Institute” has been banned by the Australian authorities. For these heretics, there is no free speech. 

ArthurButz=sml          Ernst-Zundel200w=sml          ez-cole-zundel=sml

LEFT:  Professor Arthur Butz, an American who wrote a book about the Holocaust story called “The Hoax of the Century”, has been slandered in the media and treated like an outcast because of his Holocaust heresy.  It has impacted his academic life, and the heads of the faculties within his university have disowned him. This type of excommunication and ostracization by authorities was also a common feature of the persecution of heretics in the Dark Ages.  CENTER AND RIGHT: Ernst Zundel was a Canadian who was deported to Germany, the country of his birth, to face trial for Holocaust “heresy”. He is shaking hands with David Cole, an American of Jewish ancestry who made a video debunking the gas chambers story. Being Jewish, however, did not mean Cole escaped persecution. Bowing to pressure and the threats of being “excommunicated” by a powerful strata of Jewish society, he backtracked and disavowed his own work and research; he even denounced fellow Holocaust researcher Ernst Zundel as a liar and fraud. Later, he changed his position once again and supported Holocaust revisionism once more, recanting his backtracking, and made a public apology for attacking Zundel. Since then, he has backtracked again. 

Excommunication in the 20th and 21st century involves being smeared as a racist, as a liar and as a would-be genocidist by the Zionist-dominated main-stream media, the influential and powerful shaper of public opinion.

Like the Christian church leaders in the Middle Ages, which would hold inquisitions and similar trials and used torture to extract “confessions” from heretics, the Zionist-dominated mainstream media of the West holds “inquisitions” and denounces “heretics” of the Holocaust “religion”, subjecting these people to state-sanctioned punishment for non-believers, under draconian “Holocaust denial” laws that bypass free speech protections.

Proving the truth of one’s positions and views by providing scientific and forensic evidence offers no protection under the law in nations that prohibit Holocaust “heresy”.

Likewise, showing proof for the scientific theory that the Earth revolved around the sun did not indemnify astronomers from prosecution.

Persecution of religious heretics

christian persecution=sml            abefoxman2=sml

LEFT:  Being burned at the stake was a common punishment for religious heresy in the Dark Ages. People were also punished by execution for “witchcraft” in Puritan America in the 17th century. Persecution of modern-day “heretics” revolves around the Holocaust in the West. Heresy against the Christian religion is no longer punished.  Taking its place is the so-called Holocaust. Denying any part of the so-called Holocaust story is punished with prosecution and incarceration in many countries of the West (Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Austria, Great Britain). The US does not offer asylum for people facing prosecution for exercising their free speech. Simon Sheppard’s application for asylum on the basis that he was being persecuted for free speech for publishing a satirical cartoon about the Holocaust was denied by US authorities. He was placed in jail as soon as he arrived on US soil. He was deported to the UK where he was put on trial; he was eventually imprisoned. RIGHT: Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) 

The punishment for religious heresy in medieval Europe was execution. In modern times, the punishment for Holocaust “heresy” in the Western world is media denunciation, slandering, blacklisting, career harassment and loss of job opportunities, financial and legal attacks, physical attacks, and even incarceration. Furthermore, the slandering and abuse (especially the labeling of one as “anti-semitic”, “neo-Nazi” or pro-genocide) at the hands of the general public, who are mostly ignorant of the work of the Holocaust revisionists, compound the persecution experienced by “heretics”.

heretics_fork=sml              impaled_01=sml                spanish-inquisition-sawing people=sml

Heretic’s fork, a torture instrument. The wearer could not fall asleep. Dropping one’s head forward could mean the chin or the chest was pierced with the two-pronged fork. Heretics were executed with often gruesome methods. This was done to make people afraid of being labeled as heretics. 

“Land of the free” or land of muzzlers of speech? 

steven whittle and simon sheppard=sml

Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, the publishers of the cartoon (“Tales of the Holohoax”) that landed them in jail. Simon Sheppard’s application for asylum in the USA on the grounds of free speech was rejected by the US court. The US Government treated him like a criminal as soon as he landed in America seeking political asylum. Despite learning that he was being persecuted for exercising his right of free speech, he was sent back to Britain, where he was prosecuted and jailed for publishing the satirical cartoon on the Holocaust. Despite the comical nature of the drawings, the cartoon addresses serious themes and shows the author has researched the subject matter extensively. 

The governments should not prevent people from exploring the event called the Holocaust. Governments who do this must rescind the laws that prevent the right of people to examine the history of this period and make up their own minds about the events of that time.

Analysis of the work camps run by the Germans to house the political prisoners, using scientific techniques, to increase knowledge of what happened during the war and open up discussion about the “Holocaust”, is prosemitic and progentile.

Stopping this sort of activity is totalitarian in nature, and smears the whole population of Jews as a people who are intolerant of free speech and who work in collusion to subvert the truth about events that are part of their history. It also turns the “Holocaust” into a religion.

Alongside the “religion” of the Holocaust resides the “religion” of political correctness. Like the religionists of the Holocaust “cult”, the religionists of the political correctness “cult” seek to suppress and silence the voice of heretics, and even criminalize their speech.

Free speech heros

As science comes to the fore more and more in the scientific age, it is not easy to dismiss the findings of Holocaust Revisionists as mere “antisemitism”. Indeed, labeling the work of these researchers, a group that includes scientists, as the product of antisemitism actually feeds antipathy towards Jews. If one of the main criticisms by Gentiles of Jews is that Jews act as a cabal in ways that furthers their interests at the expense of Gentiles, such actions of censoring Holocaust investigators and persecuting these people reinforces the notion that the cabalism is very real.

As people see the harassment and persecution of Holocaust revisionists, and the blind refusal of many in the Jewish community to even look at the research, and the attempts by self-claimed Jewish “representatives” to suppress the research and the reporting of it, and lobby to criminalize the dissemination of the information about the so-called Holocaust, the people who make up the general public may be drawn to accepting the idea that not only do all Jews think the same, but that they collude with each other secretly to attack those who threaten their power, and use slander and mob tactics, and exert undue influence in legal, media and political institutions, and actively propagandize to do so.

Lastly, some may suppress speech of Holocaust revisionists with the reasoning that allowing the speech to be heard may give support to “fascists” who want to “persecute” Jews all over again, like they supposedly did in World War II. This is the position of the “Never again” group.

However, this argument is circular. Those that make such claims of atrocities must prove those claims. Until the claims are proven, the “Never again” defence is meaningless.

In fact, suppression of speech of the people who call into question parts or the whole of the so-called Holocaust can result in a real atrocity occurring. The victims of an atrocity propaganda may become targets of violence and aggression. Because there is no one exposing the atrocity propaganda for what it is, due to suppression of speech, the targets of the propaganda campaign can fall victim to a witch hunt.

In the course of the Holocaust “religious mania”, a nation has been slandered, the people have been vilified, and their rights have been trampled on.

In addition, this made-up atrocity has been used politically to victimize a certain group of people in the ME. These people are wholly uninvolved in events that happened half-a-globe away, but despite this, their land has been seized to create a homeland for the ‘victims’ of a fake atrocity.

The humane treatment of Jews in camps run by Germans, who instituted life-saving measures in the camps to protect the well-being of camp inmates, such as building delousing gas chambers, has been buried in the sensationalization of accounts of Jewish life in the camps.

The insistence on exceptionalism – including the making of special laws to suppress speech about the Holocaust, separatist attitudes that flourish among Jews, and collusion of certain Jewish groups in persecuting people who speak about the Holocaust all serve to distance Gentiles from Jews, and create suspicion and antipathy towards Jews.


List of revisionists

More about revisionists here at Zundelsite:

Sylvia Holz
Horst Mahler
Dr. Frederick Toben
Paul Rassinier
Dr. Robert Faurisson
Thies Christophersen
Judge Wilhelm Staglich
Joseph Burg (Ginzburg)
Professor Arthur Butz
Haviv Schieber
Francois Duprat
Ditlieb Felderer
Professor Austin App
Ernst Zundel
Jim Keegstra
Frank Walus
Emil Lachout
Dr. Henri Roques
Tjiudar Rudolph
Udo Walendy
Fred Leuchter
David Irving
Ivan Lagace
Gerd Honsik
Walter Luftl
Imre Finta
General Otto Ernst Remer
Jerome Brentar
John Demjanjuk
Germar Rudolf
Attorney Jurgen Rieger
Attorney Doug Christie
Attorney Kirk Lyons
Bradley Smith
Michael Hoffman II
Ingrid Weckert
Erhard Kemper
Gunther Deckert
Hans Schmidt
David Cole
Jurgen Graf
Siegfried Verbeke
Carlos Porter
Malcolm Ross
Ingrid Rimland
Pedro Varela
Ahmed Rami
Nick Griffin
Jean Marie Le Pen
Roger Garaudy
Abbe Pierre
Doug Collins
Dr. Robert Countess

Also, not mentioned in the list is David McCalden – an Irish scholar revisionist, he was instrumental in founding the Institute for Historical Review. He was beaten by Rubin of the Jewish Defense League. An interesting tale about him is related here.

(For Part II of “Debunking the Holocaust”, go here)



Jewish population remained steady over the war

Some Worldwide Jewish Population Figures from the World Almanac and book of Facts (New York World Telegram, New York)

1925, p. 752 15,630,000
1929, p. 727 15,630,000
 1933, p. 419  15,316,359
 1936, p. 748  15,753,633
 1938, p. 510  15,748,091
 1940, p. 129  15,319,359
 1942, p. 849  15,192,089
 1947, p. 748  15,690,000
 1949, p. 289  15,713,638


“One-Third of the Holocaust”

This is a series of 30 short videos that examine three concentration camps or one-third of the concentration camps. The evidence contained in the video vignettes exposes the “holocaust” to be a myth.

Watch the videos here.


You can either watch the thirty videos separately, or watch them as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Or you can watch all thirty videos in the one movie.




Violating free speech: The Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill

Holocaust denial laws may become reality in the United States.


The Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill bans:

  • Calling for, aiding or justifying the killing or harming of Jews

  • Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust

  • Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all interreligious or political tensions

  • Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation

What does Charlie’s Angels have to do with the Holohoax? Watch Episode 19 and find out.



(Part III of “Debunking the Holocaust” is here.)


“Tales of the Holohoax” – A Journal of Satire

Go to the link below to read the “Tales of the Holohoax” cartoon, a satirical piece that mocks the Holocaust myth. In these days of persecution, truthtellers must go underground to tell the truth. Cartoons and other forms of satire are one way of getting the truth out to the public and bypassing the censors.





It’s hard to believe an animal-lover and anti-vivisectionist would gas people en masse

Nazi Preservation of Environment and Animals

Under the Nazi regime, mishandling an animal was considered a heinous crime, and if somebody was discovered mistreating an animal, they were sent to concentration camps. As someone with great admiration for animals, Hitler showed great concern for animals native to Germany, and passed laws that ensured their safety and well-being.

In 1934, Hitler passed a law called Das Reichsjagdgesetz (the Reich Hunting Law), which regulated how many animals could be killed per year, and to establish proper ‘hunting seasons’. This law has now been adopted by most western countries.

Animal conservation was included in Primary, Secondary and College levels, and in 1935, the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Protection Act) was passed. which placed several native species on a protection list including the wolf and Eurasian lynx. It is likely that this law saved some native forest-inhabiting species from going extinct.

The Nazi’s were also the first to create environmental protection laws in history. The German Imperial Conservation law of 1935 was passed, which protected “remaining portions of landscape in free nature whose preservation on account of rarity, beauty, distinctiveness or on account of scientific, ethnic, forest, or hunting significance lies in the general interest.”

“[It is] useful to know the laws of nature – for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven.”– Adolf Hitler

animal lover hitler.jpg

Hitler was a well-known lover of animals.

Hitler Banned Experimentation on Animals (Vivisection)

Nazy Germany was the first country in the world to ban vivisection, or any experimentation on live animals. With its great concern for animal conservation, and human treatment, a complete ban of vivisection was enacted in April 1933.

The Prime Minister of Prussia Hermann Goring has said:

“An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself…. I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.”

antivivisection poster

FIG. 5.2. “Heil Goring!” The lab animals of Germany saluting Hermann Goring for his order barring vivisection. The Reichsmarschall in August of 1933 announced an end to the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and threatened to commit to concentration camps “those who still think they can treat animals as inanimate property.” Source: Kladderadatsch, September 3, 1933, with thanks to Phil Jenkins. 

A cartoon showing animals saved from vivisection saluting Hermann Goring. The sign in the window says “Vivisection Forbidden”.

This German cartoon depicts animals that were saved from vivisection saluting Hermann Goring. The sign in the window reads “Vivisection Forbidden”.

Reproduced from: Redice TV: Things you were not told about Nazi Germany


Fred Leuchter Report:

“Operators would have gassed themselves or blown the place to bits”

Fred Leuchter is an experienced U.S. gas execution chamber expert. He investigated the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz. He concluded that these could not have functioned as gas chambers.

He testified in the trial of Ernst Zundel as an expert witness that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

leuchter reports-250h sml.jpg

“The Leuchter Report: The End of a Myth”

Interview with Fred Leuchter 1985

Rare interview with Fred Leuchter 1985    Youtube

Transcript of interview

Fred Leuchter: I examined the facilities and I made the determination that they were incapable of supporting the use of hydrogen cyanide gas for purposes of execution or otherwise, but additionally, it would be necessary to remove samples, return them to the United States for testing at an independent laboratory to, in fact, confirm what my visual inspection indicated – that these facilities never, in fact, contained hydrogen cyanide gas.

Interviewer: What, aside from the samples, convinced you that these facilities could not have been used, then or now, as execution facilities?

Fred Leuchter: The samples in my mind were mainly corroborative. The reasons that I determined that these facilities were not and could never have been gas execution facilities are stated in my report.

And it does, and it mainly is concerned with the design and fabrication of these facilities. The requirements necessary in the design of a facility that contains a highly explosive and highly poisonous gas: you must have gasketed doors, no windows, means of getting the gas in, means of getting the gas out, something for heating the gas, and the air to constantly keep the right temperature, explosion-proof switches, lighting facilities, etc.

None of these ever existed. We’re talking about brick and mortar buildings without heat, with non-explosion proof lighting, without gasketed doors, in some cases, without doors at all, and with crematories that opened very close or adjacent to the facility.

If these facilities were used for gas execution facilities, if those persons operating the facilities didn’t gas themselves to death at the same time that the executees died, they certainly would have been blown to bits when the gas exploded from a spark arc, in a switch, the heat of a light bulb, or the gas approaching and getting into the crematoria furnace … I mean, it’s just ludicrous to consider these facilities could have been used as gas chambers.

… I found out through these investigations [reading the literature about the alleged gas chambers] that there was no such a thing as an eyewitness. I have never seen a report that was written by anyone who had a valid description of what could have happened at a gassing. So the long and short of it is there are no eyewitnesses because there were no gassings.

The Leuchter Report: Synopsis

After a study of the available literature, examination and evaluation of the existing facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, with expert knowledge of the design criteria for gas chamber operation, an investigation of crematory technology and an inspection of modern crematories, the author finds no evidence that any of the facilities normally alleged to be execution gas chambers were ever used as such, and finds, further, that because of the design and fabrication of these facilities, they could not have been utilized for execution gas chambers.

Additionally, an evaluation of the crematory facilities produces conclusive evidence that contradicts the alleged volume of corpses cremated in the generally alleged time frame. It is, therefore, the best engineering opinion of the author that none of the facilities examined were ever utilized for the execution of human beings and that the crematories could never have supported the alleged work load attributed to them.

Revisionists: The Leuchter Report

The Leuchter Reports

The Leuchter Reports
By Robert Faurisson, Fred A. Leuchter and Germar Rudolf

Available at  ShopCodoh

For more on The Leuchter Reports, go here.



“Killing fields” – Americans housed German POWs in death camps 

Some say 1.5 million German POWs died in American death camps

Rhine Meadows camps housed German POWs. This was the condition of the camps. Exposed to the elements. No toilet facilities. 1.5 million (some say 1.7 million) died in these camps by deliberate neglect and starvation. 

Bacque tells the truth about how Eisenhower murdered thousands of German prisoners of war AFTER the surrender. Many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies you have seen in atrocity photos were NOT Jews, they were Germans.

Don’t argue with me, read the book. General George Patton (who released all his German prisoners) wrote in 1945 that Eisenhower was using “practically Gestapo methods” in torturing and killing German POWs.

Death camps and  Eisenhowers Death Camps

bodies-in-ditch-200h-sml.jpg  dead-bodies-conc-camp-200h-sml

Bacque claims that many of those starving soldiers and piles of dead bodies in atrocity photos were NOT photos of Jews but Germans. (Eisenhower’s Death Camps)

Deliberate starvation in contravention of the Geneva Convention

… the author’s conclusion [is] that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, as head of the American occupation of Germany in 1945, deliberately starved to death German prisoners of war in staggering numbers. Mr. Bacque charges that “the victims undoubtedly number over 800,000, almost certainly over 900,000 and quite likely over a million. Their deaths were knowingly caused by army officers who had sufficient resources to keep the prisoners alive.”

Eisenhower’s method, according to Mr. Bacque, was simple: he changed the designation of the prisoners from “Prisoners of War” (P.O.W.), required by the Geneva Convention to be fed the same rations as American G.I.’s, to “Disarmed Enemy Forces” (D.E.F.), which allowed him to cut their rations to starvation level. Mr. Bacque says the D.E.F. were also denied medical supplies and shelter. They died by the hundreds of thousands. Their deaths were covered up on Army records by listing them as “other losses” on charts showing weekly totals of prisoners on hand, numbers discharged and so forth.

Ike and the Disappearing Atrocities

Below is from Rense.com (link 1: http://www.rense.com/general46/germ.htm or link 2: http://bit.ly/2mGvUny)

Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

… You are taken as a German Prisoner of War into American hands. The Americans had 200 such Prisoner of War camps scattered across Germany. You are marched to a compound surrounded with barbed wire fences as far as the eye can see. Thousands upon thousands of your fellow German soldiers are already in this make-shift corral. You see no evidence of a latrine and after three hours of marching through the mud of the spring rain, the comfort of a latrine is upper-most in your mind. You are driven through the heavily guarded gate and find yourself free to move about, and you begin the futile search for the latrine. Finally, you ask for directions, and are informed that no such luxury exists ….

Read more: Link 1 | Link 2

Camps were open-air

In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats. They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement. It was a cold, wet spring, and their misery from exposure alone was evident.

Institute for Historical Review–In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’


Little food and water, no toilet facilities

Even more shocking was to see the prisoners throwing grass and weeds into a tin can containing a thin soup. They told me they did this to help ease their hunger pains. Quickly they grew emaciated. Dysentery raged, and soon they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded to reach the slit trenches. Many were begging for food, sickening and dying before our eyes. We had ample food and supplies, but did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance.

martin brech

Martin Brech

Institute for Historical Review–In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

Camp inmates were forced to dig holes for their shelter

Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

VIDEO: Youtube

Read more: Saturday Night: Eisenhower’s Death Camps



Photographic hoaxes

Below, one of the most famous images of the so-called Holocaust, is proven to be a fake. Doctoring photographs to show abuse and atrocities that did not happen is part of a phenomenon called “atrocity propaganda”. Atrocity propaganda is done to demonize a nation or a group of people. It can be used to perpetrate real atrocities. It shows the unreliability of using photos as evidence.

Faking of one of the most famous pictures of the “Holocaust”

The man was added in. The original photo appeared in Life magazine without the man standing there. However, the original photo (without the standing man) was also faked.


From this video “Zionist / Nazi concentration camp PHOTO is a FAKE”  Youtube

Many of the famous photos depicting the so-called Holocaust or the “brutality” of the National Socialist Germans are actually hoaxes.

The “original” photo without the standing man that appeared in “Life” magazine seems to have been faked. See this link.

The original photo in Life magazine was also faked

faked famous photo-showing how it was done

The man standing was added in after the photo had already been published; however, there are other things that are fake about the photo that was published in Life magazine.

faked famous photo-showing how it was done2.jpg

Faked Life photo. 

Points of peculiarity

1/ The man in purple was added later after the photo had been published in Life magazine (see above)

2/ The people in the blue box seem to have been added in later. Unlike the people in the top bunks, they are naked.

3/ The light on their faces makes them look bright and they have a white washed-out complexion because of the over-exposure of the film. The people in the top bunks (in red) are not over-exposed. The contours and shadows and even wrinkles can be seen. Their faces are gray-colored and darker than the people in the bottom bunk.

4/ The people in the top bunk (in red) seem well-nourished. The people in the bottom bunk seem to be undernourished. So is the naked man standing on the right.

5/ The people in the top bunk seem to be looking at a focal point to the above-left of the camera lens. The people in the bottom bunk are looking straight at the camera.

6/ The people in the top bunk seem to be of American/British nationality and look like POWs. The people in the bottom bunk seem to be Jewish civilians.

7/ The person in the orange box seems to have been added into the picture. There are four people in that bunk. In the other bunks, there are two or three people only. Originally there might have been two people to a bunk, and a third or even fourth person added to the bunks.

8/ In the top bunk (in red), there is a wooden beam visible above the man’s head. In the second row (in green), no such wooden beam can be seen and it is all black.

9/ The man in orange has the top part of his face blacked out in a sharp line. This looks unnatural.

10/ The man to the right in the blue box has a similar sharp shadow over his right shoulder. The edge of the shadow looks unnaturally sharp and straight.

Other heads seem to have been added in as well as the ones mentioned above.

The faking was probably done to make the reader think there were Jews in the photo or more Jews than there were. It could have also been done to mislead people into thinking the Nazis deliberately starved the inmates. Another reason was to mislead the people into thinking there was overcrowding in the bunks – that there were 3 or 4 people per bunk, when it was probably just two people.


Some other hoax photographs

woman hanged fake       woman hanged the truth.jpg

hung woman

hung woman none.jpg

sun10-500w sml

sun11-500w sml

sun5-500w sml

sun7-500w sml

shooting two people 500w sml

smiling german 500w sml

The famous cattle-car photo was taken in 1946, after the war

The retouched photo was captioned “transports into ghettos and extermination camps” but it was actually a photo of refugees taken in 1946.

lubeck trains.jpg

These people were victims of a U.S. bomb attack, not of Nazis

The picture of the bodies was printed in Life magazine in 1945. The commentary suggested the inmates had died of starvation, overwork and beatings. However, the truth was different. They were the victims of a U.S. bombing terror attack on the German city of Nordhausen.

The US weekly magazine Life (21/05/1945, page 36), comments: “The bodies of almost 3,000 slave laborers being buried by US soldiers. These dead worked in underground factories in the manufacture of V1 and V2 rockets”. 

In actual fact, these dead were the victims of the US terror attack on Nordhausen on 4 April 1945. Although the war was almost over, German cities continued to be bombed.

(From the series of publications from the Vierteljahreshefte für Zeitgeschichte, number 21, Stuttgart page 194, Prof. Martin Broszat).  

Propaganda Photographs – Notorious Holocaust Fakes

An estimated 14,000 prisoners died in the Bergen-Belsen camp following the British takeover

The Britsh failed to control disease and killed more camp inmates than the Germans did. These are British mass graves and victims.

Above is a photo of typhus victims, taken following the British occupation of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and published as ‘victims of Auschwitz’ in various periodicals.

The Red Cross recorded 6,000 deaths at Bergen-Belsen. This was a transit camp where many prisoners in large numbers were evacuated to from other areas of formerly German-controlled territory during the German retreat as the Soviets started to take over more of their territory over the last two years of the war.

Rather than remain in these camps, awaiting “liberation” from the Soviets, many prisoners chose to move with the German camp staff back to Germany. Many of these prisoners were Russian POWs, including many Cossacks who had deserted the USSR side and fought for the Germans, did not want to go back to the Soviet Union, where they would face interrogation and torture or be sent to the gulag camps to die of overwork. These Soviet citizens preferred to remain prisoners of the more humane Germans than go back to Soviet-controlled territory. Other POWs were Czechs, Romanians, Polish, Ukrainians and Hungarians. Many of them had defected to the German side during the war. At least 1 million Russians defected to the German side. Also, many who had not defected and had befallen prisoner of the Germans preferred to remain under the control of the Germans after the war (see Debunking the Holocaust III–Betrayal of the Cossacks).

The number of prisoners to the transit camp of Bergen-Belsen (in Germany), that now included POWs and civilians, overwhelmed the resources of this transit camp. Allied bombing was causing food and manpower shortages everywhere, and the strain and low morale resulting from Germany losing of the war took its toll on the camp staff and less care was given to the camp inmates than usual.

Traveling large distances to come to a new camp took its toll on the prisoners. Many were already sick by the time they arrived at the camp. The usual typhus-containing measures such as the delousing of clothes and the frequent showering and other strict hygiene protocols probably could not be implemented properly as floods of inmate “refugees” came pouring in, especially towards the end of the war when Germany was on the losing side. Typhus became widespread. This is the camp where Anne Frank spent her last days, perishing from typhus. Other diseases – tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera – also decimated the population. Many of the “corpse photos” shown as proof of the “Holocaust” are photos from this particular camp, the transit camp of Bergen-Belsen, and show the victims of typhus.

Despite the stretched resources and the influx of large numbers of prisoners from other camps, the Germans managed to keep the total death toll at the Bergen-Belsen camp to 6,000, according to Red Cross records and Soviet archives.

When the British came and liberated the camp, the death toll actually increased – at least 14,000 prisoners died following the British takeover. This shows that the Germans made great efforts in stemming the death toll from disease of prisoners under their care.

Swimming photo was faked as “Men stripped to go to execution”

prisoners going for a swim 500w sml.jpg

The actual photo showing men changing into bathing suits prior to swimming at the beach. Propaganda Photographs – Notorious Holocaust Fakes

faked swim 400w sml.jpg

The photo was cropped to hide the bathing suits and the caption ‘Jews being forced to undress prior to execution’ was added. Propaganda Photographs – Notorious Holocaust Fakes

A killing by the NKVD (Soviet secret police) faked as “Civilians killed by Germans”

holohoax-fake-photo-4 500w sml.jpg

This photo is often presented as evidence of Nazi atrocities in Eastern Europe. What it actually shows is NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) officers murdering civilians.

A photo showing Soviets killing Ukrainians faked as “Germans killing civilians”

soviet-fake-500w sml bdr.jpg

This picture actually shows Soviet Troops killing Ukrainians in Vinnitsa

  1. This is a Tokarev Pistol, USSR
  2. The photo is cropped to give the illusion of a much larger grave. Considering where the photographer is standing in relation, the pit is no bigger than 8’x12′. This fits the description of mass graves in Vinnitsa, which were perpetuated by the Soviets.
  3. This man’s hands are tied behind his back, this white blob is a negative scratch.
  4. Photo manipulation, washing out the background to keep the location a mystery.
  5. Uniforms only ‘resemble’ German uniforms. Stalin issued Order no. 428 on 17 November 1941, instructing Soviet troops to “..carry on the destruction actions in the uniform of the German army and Waffen-SS.”
  6. Even this photo has been manipulated to ‘look like’ an original print with a photoshopped border and wrinkles ….

Many executions like that shown in the picture was widespread in the Soviet Union and Soviet-controlled territories. The Soviet Government would take thousands of “hostages” during their reign and torture and execute them in order to destroy resistance to their rule. As the bands of rebels saw how their family and friends and other countrymen were being taken as hostages by the Soviet Government and were tortured to death in their prisons and executed, they gave up their resistance.

The book “Red Terror” by S.P. Melgunov documents the events of the time and outlines the Soviet Government’s practice of taking hostages and executing them in order to stop people rebelling against their rule.

executed peasant hostages.jpg

A photo from the book “Red Terror”, depicting the corpses of hostages. The sort of torture shown here was routinely done to hostage-prisoners by the Cheka (also known as NKVD, KGB). 

Read more at Debunking the Holocaust III – Red Terror

A fake crematorium chimney added in 1947

The fake chimney in Auschwitz is shown below. It is not even attached to the building. It is supposed to be a chimney of a crematorium. The Soviets built it in 1947.


auschwitz-holohoax-soviet-union-hoax-holocaust-gas-chamber-myth-museum 400w sml

Railway accident in USA in 1912 faked as Auschwitz photo 

Dresden, Ohio was the site of a railway accident in 1912. The image from that accident turned up as an image depicting dead bodies in Auschwitz of 1944.

dresden ohio 1912.jpg

A railway disaster occurred in Dresden, Ohio, USA in 1912. The picture of the accident showed up later as an Auschwitz photo. 

A 1905 Russian postcard was recycled as a WWII photo

fake photos-odessa3.jpg

The photo on the right was used as a postcard by Jews in Russia. 

A roll-call faked as “Men standing with corpses”

fake photos2.jpg

A photo of Hitler faked as standing amid corpses


Smoke drawn in 

“The photo on the right was found up on the Simon Weisenthal Center website in 1999. To get American sympathies stoked-up (which is the point), they’ve explained that the smoke in the background is coming from the crematoria at Auschwitz – all the parents and family of the Jews in the foreground going up. But someone located the original on the left, clearly showing a later-day air-brushing job (poorly done, too).”  JoshMinistries

fake smoke.jpg

More faking of photos can be found at Zundelsite and here.

Simon Wiesenthal’s drawing resembles a photo of executed Germans

simon wiesenthal sketch 500w sml mdf.jpg

Above: Three young German soldiers executed by American firing squad in December 1944. Below: A similar sketch by Simon Wiesenthal dated “1945”, showing an execution in a Nazi camp. From his 1946 book “KZ Mauthausen”. 

Fake pictures of German brutality

VIDEO:  World War 2: Fake Pictures Of German Brutality (M.M.14/88)   Youtube

Famous Holocaust photo is faked

VIDEO: Zionist / Nazi concentration camp PHOTO is a FAKE  Youtube



Absence of pot-bellies in children in camps

starving children pot bellies ukraine

Child victims of the Holodomor (Ukraine, former USSR). Swollen bellies were rarely found in the corpses of people who had died in the concentration camps. More pictures of Soviet famine victims here. 

Children in the Soviet Union in the picture above have pot bellies (1920s, 1930s), indicating they are victims of starvation. The pot belly is seen in kwashiorkor – a condition of extreme protein deficiency, most often seen in children. In contrast, the child inmates of the German camps did not show signs of kwashiorkor.

terezin camp playing400w-sml

Children playing at Terezin camp

obese jew prisoner 400w sml

Obese Jewish prisoner at Dachau   (Picture Holocaust Deprogramming Course)

buchenwald-1945 400w sml

Buchenwald prisoners look to be of normal weight  (Picture Holocaust Deprogramming Course)



Camp life

swimming concentration camp novaky.jpeg

Inmates swimming at Novaky concentration camp (Slovakia)

jewish babies 400w sml.jpg

Jewish babies at Dachau

volleyball novaky500w-sml

Playing volleyball at Novaky camp

theater novaky500w-sml

Theater at Novaky

maternity ward dachau

Maternity ward at Dachau

scorecard of soccer game holocaust400w-sml

Soccer score card. Soccer games were a regular part of camp life. 

Sokoloma Cafe in Terezin Conc400w-sml

Sokoloma Cafe at Terezin camp

band novaky camp400w-sml

Band at Novaky camp

vyhne camp400w-sml

Labor camp at Vyhne

mickey mouse novaky400w-sml

Mickey Mouse play at Novaky camp

bundesarchiv_bild_146-2007-0096_ig-farbenwerke_auschwitz 400w sml

The camp choir, recruited from the workers at the IG Farben factory at Auschwitz. All well-fed.   (Picture Holocaust Deprogramming Course)

bundesarchiv_bild_146-2007-0097_ig-farbenwerke_auschwitz-400w sml

A stage performance at Auschwitz, dated by the German Federal Archive Service as “1941/1944″.  (Picture Holocaust Deprogramming Course)

theater-westerbork-camp-bdr 400w sml.jpg

Theater at Westerbork Camp  (Picture Holocaust Deprogramming Course)



Red Cross Report

No mention of gas chambers in 1947 report

Red Cross was allowed access to the German camps and visited the camps about monthly. They distributed food parcels to the prisoners. The Red Cross was able to check on the conditions the inmates lived under. No such access was granted by the Soviets, who had not ratified the Geneva Convention, unlike the Germans. The Red Cross reported the conditions at the camps were satisfactory. They even praised the conditions at Theresienstadt Camp. They reported no abuse or ill-treatment of the prisoners. No evidence of genocide was ever reported.


No mention of gas chambers in the 1948 report; Red Cross parcels were received regularly at the camps

9,000 parcels were packed daily and distributed to the camps between 1943 and 1945

The Report states that “As many as 9,000 parcels were packed daily. From the autumn of 1943 until May 1945, about 1,112,000 parcels with a total weight of 4,500 tons were sent off to the concentration camps” (Vol. III, p. 80). In addition to food, these contained clothing and pharmaceutical supplies. 


Based on these visits, Red Cross produced a 3-volume report about the German camps called “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948.”


A Factual Appraisal Of  The ‘Holocaust’ By The Red Cross

The Jews And The Concentration Camps: No Evidence Of Genocide


There is one survey of the Jewish question in Europe during World War Two and the conditions of Germany’s concentration camps which is almost unique in its honesty and objectivity, the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948…

More: Rense.com


Camp conditions

Camp conditions were relatively good. The camp commanders had a motive to keep prisoners healthy as these camps were work camps. Shortages and deprivations mainly appeared in the last couple of years of the war as Germany herself came under attack.

Auschwitz, where it is claimed 1 to 4 million lost their lives, provided inmates with a sauna. This was a large building equipped with showers and baths. While prisoners showered, their clothes were cleaned in a steam disinfection chamber.

Swimming pools for prisoners were available in some camps. Even cinemas and theaters were provided for the inmates.

VIDEO:  Actual Footage From Nazi Death Camps    Youtube



Sauna at Auschwitz

This sauna was in the Birkenau camp of the Auschwitz complex and was called the Central Sauna. The sauna’s main function was to sanitize the clothes of the inmates and remove body lice, in order to reduce the incidence of typhus. This was a work camp, not an extermination camp. If inmates were to be exterminated, there would be no need for disinfection and de-lousing.


Central Sauna building at Birkenau (Auschwitz). Inmates used this sauna. 


Another view of the Sauna Building at Auschwitz


Workers waiting for inmates inside Sauna Building (photo: 1943). Link


Sauna where inmates enjoyed hot showers and haircuts and could leave their
clothes for steam-cleaning to remove possible typhus-carrying-body-lice. (Photo 1985) Link


Steam autoclaves inside the Sauna. After clothes were added and doors closed, steam
was introduced to kill body lice. Link (Photo: 1997) 


Steam autoclaves for clothes in the sauna. The autoclaves had doors on both sides. 


Hot air chamber for de-lousing the clothing at Birkenau. 


The claim was later made that the peepholes were proof of the existence of an execution gas chamber. That this is not the case, was later admitted by J.C. Pressac. Porter, Carlos Whitlock


Sign reads “Disinfection Wash” in English. Before their shower, the prisoners had to first be submerged into a tub of disinfectant to kill any germs or lice on their bodies.


Sign reads “Showers” in English


The shower room. The reflection is caused by a glass floor installed on top of the original concrete floor to preserve it by the museum people. A railing was also added. 

sauna room

View of the interior of the sauna.


References to “six million” before Hitler

These references all pre-date Hitler. These examples come from Exposed: Six Million Lie.

For more examples of “six million”, visit Exposed: Six Million Lie


“6 million” a popular Jewish motif

Not only have Jews claimed 6-million “Holocausts” on many many occasions but also have begged for help to raise $6 million on many many occasions, all before 1945.

jewish campaign to raise 6000000 dollars-border.jpg


Ilya Ehrenburg, father of the Holocaust hoax


Ilya Ehrenburg

Ilya Ehrenburg was the Soviet Minister of Propaganda at the time of WWII. He was the architect of the “six million” claim. He also started the “Jewish fat made into soap” false tale.


From Nodisinfo

holohoaxgraverobbersvellumlamp sml200h.png

Vellum lamp close up

In later years, he arranged for his private archives to be moved to Yad Vashem Library in Jerusalem.

Ehrenburg published the allegation of six million Jews killed during the war in the Soviet foreign language press as early as December 1944, more than four months before the war came to an end and any demographic information was available, and long before Wilhelm Höttl stated this number during the Nuremberg trials.[3] (Various Six million Jews allegations had started long before this as discussed in the article on this topic).

3/ Germar Rudolf. Lectures on the Holocaust—Controversial Issues Cross Examined 2nd, revised and corrected edition. Holocaust Handbooks.


More on Ilya Ehrenburg:


Native American POW concentration camps

These are known as “reservations”.

As far as we know, Native Americans were not given reparations for the European Americans’ treatment of them.

Wounded Knee


Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die

Source: http://www.takeourworldback.com/sixty-reasons.htm

Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die

Here are a few of the reasons why most grown-ups know the so-called “Holocaust” is an outrageous hoax, a colossal fraud and a malicious libel that defames the memory of those who really did die. We’ll examine some of these facts in detail below. More people died on the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick than in any “gas chambers” throughout WWII.


(1) Insufficient time to cremate more than 400,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers claim more than a million were murdered there (after abandoning their claim of “four million” in the 1990s!).

(2) Insufficient fuel to cremate more than 100,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers allege more than a million were murdered there.

(3) Insufficient firebrick durability to cremate more than 108,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers contend more than a million were murdered there.

(4) Hoaxer claims about improving cremator performance by stuffing multiple bodies into each muffle are refuted by the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators.

(5) Auschwitz death books record only 68,864 dead, of whom 29,125 were Jews and 31,814 were Roman Catholics.

(6) Auschwitz death books included the young and old who were supposedly routinely gassed upon arrival, thereby demolishing Hoaxer claims that the books were faked by excluding “gassings” as part of a “cover-up” “conspiracy”.

(7) Forensic tests conducted on the walls of the alleged “gas chambers” found zero or trace levels of stable cyanide compounds that averaged less than one-thousandth of the corresponding levels for the delousing chambers that were used to save human lives by exterminating typhus-bearing lice.

(8) Hoaxers were so worried about the forensic evidence refuting their allegations that the Polish government commissioned a pseudo-scientific ‘study’ that manipulated its methodology so as to detect only unstable cyanide compounds, in a politically motivated bid to fix its result so that cyanide levels for delousing chambers were nearly down to those of the alleged “gas chambers”.

(9) The absurdity of mass murder conducted by having to drag out 2,000 cyanide-contaminated corpses from an underground “gas chamber”, load them onto a 300 kg payload goods elevator that could take only five at a time (say loading, unloading and returning the elevator takes just 4 minutes; then 4 x 2,000 / (5 x 60) = 26.7 hours), and having the 2,000 piled up outside or in the oven room without raising suspicions of the next batch who think they are going to take a shower.

(10) Hoaxers’ attempt to rationalize the lack of cyanide in “gas chambers” by citing hosing of walls backfires on them, since “witness” Tauber said only the floors were washed, Nyszili said the bodies were washed, and Bennahmias said the walls were whitewashed with a quick-drying paint after each “gassing”. If the first two were telling the truth, the increased humidity would be more conducive to Iron Blue formation. If the walls were whitewashed after each “gassing”, the HCN would be locked inside after having penetrated the wall, and cyanide compounds would be found across the interior as in the delousing chambers, yet they are not. Even if the witnesses lied and the walls were hosed, the HCN would have penetrated inside and evidence of it would be apparent.

(11) Hoaxers’ attempt to rationalize the lack of cyanide in “gas chambers” by claiming it takes much more HCN to kill insects than humans backfires on them, by the sheer absurdity of the “Nazis” using 99.9% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners’ lives whilst using the remaining 0.1% to murder them (or actually 99.99% and 0.01%, after allowing for the cool, moist, cement / concrete walls of the alleged “gas chambers” being more conducive to formation of Iron Blue).

(12) Topsoil at Treblinka was not disturbed in any extent commensurate with 870,000 corpses buried and exhumed.

(13) It would have taken until September 1994 for the 25 woodcutters at Treblinka to chop, saw and gather sufficient wood to cremate 870,000 bodies, or alternatively, they would need to be capable of attaining a productivity rate 88 times higher than well-fed and well-equipped Italian woodcutters in peacetime.

(14) The impossibility and absurdity of murdering nearly two million Jews by up to 32 minutes of exposure to diesel exhaust with more than 10% oxygen and up to 0.2% CO.

(15) The absurdity of building “death camps” such as Treblinka without any purpose-built crematoria.

(16) The absurdity of a “death camp” such as Auschwitz having a hospital, where Anne Frank was treated for scabies, and the contradiction of routine “gassings” for the sick at Auschwitz whilst Frank was sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she died – not at the hands of any fiendish “Nazis”, but from typhus.

(17) The gas bottle at Majdanek with the inscription “1 kg CO2” that was claimed as carbon monoxide – or even “carbon oxide” (!) – by the storytellers.

(18) The absurdity of Himmler becoming so worried in late February or early March of 1943 that the Allies might discover millions of alleged buried corpses in Russia and Poland, including nearly 900,000 Jews at Treblinka, that he panicked and issued an order to exhume and cremate all the bodies as part of a massive cover-up, with the same Heinrich Himmler going on to talk openly about exterminating the Jews in a “secret” speech – and having it recorded so that it could be used as evidence against him (!) – at Posen later that year, on 4 October, 1943.

(19) The impossibility of 2,955 Einsatzgruppen – including the clerks – identifying and selecting 2 to 3 million Jews in a war zone out of an enemy population of tens of millions (by using callipers to measure their noses, or asking to see if they were circumcised?), shooting all those Jews without being killed themselves, and then eliminating millions of corpses without Allied aircrew seeing the flames and smoke from open-air cremations.

(20) The contradictory juxtaposition of ‘honest’ witnesses with so many ‘witnesses’ who are proven liars, e.g., it was “real in their mind”, they repeatedly swallowed and defecated diamonds for two years, they were “raised by wolves”, skin turned “blue” when Jews supposedly died from CO or cyanide poisoning, etc..

(21) The non-mention of “gassings” in encrypted communications and private diaries.

(22) The lack of any “Hitler order”, or any budget, blueprint or central office for an “extermination” program.

(23) The impossibility of communicating a system of “code words” and “euphemisms” by telepathy or semaphore for “covering up” genocide that could be followed religiously, without a single blunder.

(24) The improbability that no German would take a photograph of a “gas chamber”, and the impossibility of communicating an order not to do so by telepathy or semaphore.

(25) The improbability that the Germans would be able to instantly cremate all “gassed” victims whilst leaving victims of natural deaths piled up outside, so that Allied doctors conducting autopsies would never find evidence of death by poison gas, and the impossibility of ordering such a “cover-up” by telepathy or semaphore.

(26) The absurdity of the claim by Charles Bendel, a Jewish “medical doctor”, that “German methods” would allow 1,000 people to fit into a “gas chamber” of 10 m x 4 m x 1.6 m = 64 cubic meters = 64 liters per person, which is a packing density of 55 / 64 = 0.859 if the average person weighed only 55 kg and had a density equal to that of water.

(27) The attempt to mislead by producing a fraudulent documentary in which a young redhead goes to Treblinka and becomes tearful, after pretending to think a cemetery with forty bone fragments is a mass grave and a pierced mullet star brand mark of a porcelain factory is a “Star of David”.

(28) The requirement for the Soviets to construct a “gas chamber” at Auschwitz I after the war, in order to sell the legend to unsuspecting tourists.

(29) Lies about “death camps” in Germany proper, and the requirement to fall back on the claim that the “death camps” ‘coincidentally’ just happened to be situated behind the Iron Curtain, where Stalin and Beria had control of who was allowed to look at the ‘evidence’.

(30) After the claim of a “gas chamber” at Dachau was shown to be a lie, the attempted cover-up by pretending that the Germans had been attempting to build the “gas chamber” for three years, but never completed the project even though “work was going on at a high speed“.

(31) The impossibility of utilizing mortuary 1 of Krema II (allegedly responsible for most of the Auschwitz-Birkenau “gassings”) as a “gas chamber”, when there were no input holes in the ceiling for the introduction of Zyklon B at the time that the “gassings” were supposedly taking place.

(32) The absurdity of building a “gas chamber” for mass murder with flimsy wooden doors that opened to the inside, where bodies would be piled up.

(33) The absurdity of converting an underground morgue into a “gas chamber” by chiseling out square holes for the introduction of Zyklon B granules.

(34) Lies about mass murder by quicklime / vacuum chambers / steam chambers / a “building where the floor was electrified in a special way” / pedal-operated brain-bashing machines / masturbation machines / atomic devices for vaporizing 20,000 Jews / Jew-eating bear and Jew-pecking eagle / being made to climb trees that would be chopped down / being pushed off cliffs, etc..

(35) Lies about Jews being made into soap, knife cases, light switches, lampshades, shrunken heads, saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, ladies’ handbags, and book-binders.

(36) Lies about flames shooting out of the crematory chimneys.

(37) The requirement for Hoaxers such as Raul Hilberg to spend a lifetime trawling through documents in the hope of finding something that could be deliberately misinterpreted as ‘evidence’ for extermination, and then not being able to come up with anything more incriminating than verbs such as “ausrotten”.

(38) Hitler’s remark of November 10, 1938, about needing to “annihilate” the class of German intellectuals, Himmler’s statement (as quoted by his masseur, Felix Kersten, in a diary entry dated December 12, 1940) that Hitler wanted to “wipe out the Jews”, and Himmler’s statement of April 18, 1941 (according to Kersten) that “The Jews must be annihilated by the end of the war” – before Hoaxers contend any decision had been made to “exterminate” the Jews.

(39) The requirement to have dozens of “Holocaust museums” around the world to sell the story.

(40) There’s no business like Shoah business.

(41) Lying about “six million” dead, fictitious “gas chambers” and about most or all Jews being of Semitic origin – when nearly all are from the Caucasus as proved by Elhaik (2012) – is a price worth paying for being handed your own sovereign state and 8,000 square miles of land, when your religion tells you that you are “God’s Chosen People” and its Talmudist ‘ethics’ encourages lying, cheating, thieving, raping and killing, provided the “goyim” (non-Jews) are the victims. Christians – or even atheists brought up in a Christian White European culture – are particularly susceptible to falling for the Hoax, since their ethics is the polar opposite of the Talmudists. They find it hard to believe that “witnesses” would lie about an event of such importance, and so they tend to take the “witnesses” at face value and to ignore the material facts.

(42) The requirement for Hollywood and the mass media to devote a vast amount of coverage to the “Holocaust”, Hitler and the “Nazis”, whilst having very little to say about Mao Zedong and Stalin, whom even Hoaxers concede killed more than Hitler.

(43) Relentless whining and moaning about being hard done by, and extorting massive reparations, is inconsistent with the actions of people who have truly suffered great losses, yet is consistent with lying shysters who fabricated a hoax for political and business purposes.

(44) ‘Confessions’ obtained by crushing testicles, breaking jaws, tearing out fingernails, beating with clubs and brass knuckles, etc., along with a desire to protect one’s family from reprisals.

(45) The Jewish “German” communist Bruno Baum admitted to being one of the main fabricators of propaganda at the Auschwitz camp. He said, “It is no exaggeration when I say that the majority of all Auschwitz propaganda, which was spread at that time all over the world, was written by ourselves in the camp. […] We carried out this propaganda in [for] the world public until our very last day of presence in Auschwitz.”

(46) Dr. Arno J. Mayer, a Jewish “historian”, tried to explain away the absence of evidence by stating, “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable. Even though Hitler and the Nazis made no secret of their war on the Jews, the SS operatives dutifully eliminated all traces of their murderous activities and instruments. No written orders for gassing have turned up thus far. The SS not only destroyed most camp records, which were in any case incomplete, but also razed nearly all killing and crematory installations well before the arrival of Soviet troops. Likewise, care was taken to dispose of the bones and ashes of the victims.”

(47) Simone Veil, a Jewish “French” politician who survived the Auschwitz “factory of death”, tried to explain away the absence of evidence by stating, “Yet everyone knows that the Nazis destroyed these gas chambers and systematically eradicated all the witnesses.”

(48) There is a contradiction between systematically eradicating all the witnesses and releasing 20,000 inmates from Majdanek, who would be witnesses to the cruelty if it were a “death camp”.

(49) Mainstream sources recognize that Simon Wiesenthal was a “liar and a fraud“, who lied about nearly everything in his life. He had numerous contradictory versions of his wartime exploits, which are so far fetched that they are virtually a benchmark test of gullibility.

(50) A previous claim by Jews – in their Babylonian Talmud – that “four billion – or as some say, forty million” – Jews were exterminated by the Romans at Bethar, and there was so much blood, it was up to the horses’ nostrils, and it was enough to move stones the size of 40 se’ah (293 liters) and to flow into the sea for a distance of four miles.

(51) Hitler’s true policy – of expelling the Jews from Germany – was entirely consistent with previous expulsions of Jews from more than 100 locations throughout history, when the host population threw out Jews after becoming aware of their subversive nature and their destructive effect on the host nation’s culture and civilization. There has never been any singling out of Jews for “extermination”, which is why their population remains around 15 million today.

(52) Rabbi Stephen Wise’s statement of June 10, 1900, as reported in the Jewish-owned New York Times the next day, “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism“, at a Federation of American Zionists meeting at Cooper Union in Manhattan.

(53) The ‘prediction’ by Joseph Seff, President of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America, as reported in The New York Times of September 8, 1919, of “This fact that the population of 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated“.

(54) The ‘prediction’ by Jews, as reported in The New York Times of July 20, 1921, that “Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre“.

(55) Rabbi Wise’s claim, reported in The New York Times of April 18, 1938, that “millions of Jews are dying today“.

(56) The allegation by “spokesmen” for Rabbi Wise’s World Jewish Congress, as reported in The New York Times of June 30, 1942, that Jews “were being shot by firing squads at the rate of 1,000 daily” and “1,000,000” had already been “slain by Nazis”.

(57) Soviet Jewish communist Ilya Ehrenburg’s announcement in Soviet War News as early as December 22, 1944, months in advance of the war’s end, that the Germans had “annihilated six million innocent people”, together with claims prior to that by other Jews that “close to six million” Jews had been killed.

(58) The failure of the “six million” headline claim to be revised accordingly in the 1990s when the alleged Auschwitz death toll was revised downwards from four million to between one million and one-and-a-half million.

(59) The admission by honest Jews such as Gerard Menuhin (son of violinist Yehudi), Paul Eisen, Roger Dommergue, David Cole and Joseph G. Burg that the Holocaust tale is false.

(60) The requirement to prop up the official narrative by blowing up and killing François Duprat and crippling his wife, kicking in Prof. Robert Faurisson’s face, attempting to murder Ernst Zundel by burning down his house and sending a pipe bomb in the post, threatening and beating up David Cole and other revisionists, ordering the blocking of certain websites in Hungary, making criticism of the “Holocaust” narrative an imprisonable offense in most European countries and even detaining and extraditing Germans from Canada and the US for criticising the fable, sentencing an 87-year-old grandmother to jail several times for saying she did not believe Auschwitz was a “death camp”, and even jailing defense lawyers for defending their revisionist clients too well. Truth needs no laws to protect it.
Now let’s examine some of the evidence in more detail.

Read the rest here.

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(Part I of “Debunking the Holocaust” is here.)



International Red Cross Report Exposes the Hoax

by Michael McGrath, http://www.kilkennyjournal.ie/



Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301.

For years, people around the world – “the West” in particular – have been told that “six million Jews were systematically murdered by Germans in ‘Concentration Camps’ during World War 2.” […]

The International Red Cross published their analysis in a three volume “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War” published in Geneva in 1948. This analysis expanded findings of two previous publications: “Sur L’activite du CICR en faveur des civils detencus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945″ (Geneva, 1946) and “Inter Arma Caritas: The Work of the ICRF during the Second World War” (Geneva, 1947).

In 1949, the International Red Cross interviewed prisoners in the German camps. They were not allowed to interview prisoners in the Russian camps, which were far more harsh.

The German camps held both political prisoners (Schutzhaflinge) and those convicted of crimes. The Germans allowed the Red Cross to distribute food, medicine and clothing to the prisoners.

Grateful prisoners sent letters of thanks from Dachau, Buchenwalk, Sangerhausen, Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenburg, Landsberg-am-Lech, Fibha, Ravensbruck, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and others.

“The principal recipients [of Red Cross goods] were Belgians, Dutch, French, Greeks, Italians, Norwegians, Poles and stateless Jews” (Vol. III, p. 83).

Regarding Theresienstadt, the Red Cross said, “[Theresienstadt], where there were about 40,000 Jews deported from various countries, was a relatively privileged ghetto” (Vol. III, p. 75).

“The Committee’s delegates were able to visit the camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) which was used exclusively for Jews and was governed by special conditions … From information gathered by the Commmittee, this camp had been started as an experiment by certain leaders of the Reich … These men wished to give the Jews the means of setting up a communal life in a town under their own administration and possessing almost complete autonomy … two delegates were able to visit the camp on April 6, 1945.

They confirmed the favourable impression gained on the first visit” (Vol. I, p. 642).

The ICRC also had praise for the regime of Ion Antonescu of Fascist Rumania, where the Committee was able to extend special relief to 183,000 Rumanian Jews until the time of the Soviet occupation.

The aid then ceased and the ICRC complained bitterly that it never succeeded “in sending anything whatsoever to Russia” (Vol. II, p. 62). The same situation applied to many of the German camps after their “liberation” by the Russians.

The ICRC received a voluminous flow of mail from Auschwitz until the period of the Soviet occupation, when many of the internees were evacuated westward. But the efforts of the Red Cross to send relief to internees remaining at Auschwitz under Soviet control were futile.

However. food parcels continued to be sent to former Auschwitz inmates transferred west to such camps as Buchenwald and Oranienburg.


One of the most important aspects of the Report of the ICRC is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps towards the end of the war.

Says the Report: “in the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims.

Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1, 1945 … In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results.

Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp .I.” (Vol. III, p.83).

Clearly, the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able.

The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation, and in the interests of interned Jews, they had protested on March 15, 1944 against “the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies” (Inter Armet Caritns, p. 78).

By October 2, 1944, the ICRC had warned the German Foreign Office of the impending collapse of the German transportation system, declaring that starvation conditions for people throughout Germany were becoming inevitable.

In dealing with this comprehensive, three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatsoever of ‘gas chambers’.

The original 1946 edition did not even talk of ‘extermination’ or ‘death camps’ but after the emotional impact of the Nuremberg trials, the Red Cross felt compelled to introduce into the expanded 1948 Report several, very cursory references to ‘death camps’ (Vol. 1 p. 641) and ‘extermination camps’ (Vol. I p. 645).

However, no means of ‘extermination’ is indicated.

In all its 1,600 pages, the three-volume Report does not even mention such a thing as a ‘gas chamber’. It acknowledges that Jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but its complete silence on the subject of ‘gassings’ is ample refutation of the ‘Holocaust’ legend.


Volume III of the Report of the ICRC, Chapter 3 (I. Jewish Civilian Population) deals with the “aid given to the Jewish section of the free population” and this chapter makes it quite plain that by no means all of the European Jews were placed in internment camps but remained, subject to certain restrictions, as part of the free civilian population.

This conflicts directly with the “thoroughness” of the supposed “extermination programme”, and with the claim in the forged Hoess memoirs that Eichmann was obsessed with seizing every single Jew he could lay his hands on”. In Slovakia, for example, where Eichmann’s assistant Dieter Wisliceny was in charge, the Report states that “A large proportion of the Jewish minority had permission to stay in the country, and at certain periods, Slovakia was looked upon as a comparative haven of refuge for Jews, especially for those coming from Poland.

Those who remained in Slovakia seem to have been in comparative safety until the end of August 1944, when a rising against the German forces took place. While it is true that the law of May 15, 1942 had brought about the internment of several thousand Jews, these people were held in camps where the conditions of food and lodging were tolerable, and where the internees were allowed to do paid work on terms almost equal to those of the free labour market” (Vol. I, p. 646).

Not only did large numbers of the three million or so European Jews avoid internment altogether, but the emigration of Jews continued throughout the war, generally by way of Hungary, Rumania and Turkey. Ironically, post-war Jewish emigration from German-occupied territories was also facilitated by the Reich, as in the case of the Polish Jews who had escaped to France before its occupation.

“The Jews from Poland who, whilst in France, had obtained entrance permits to the United States, were held to be American citizens by the German occupying authorities, who further agreed to recognise the validity of about three thousand passports issued to Jews by the consulates of South American countries” (Vol. 1, p. 645).

As future U.S. citizens, these Jews were held at the Vittel camp in southern France for American aliens. The emigration of European Jews from Hungary in particular proceeded during the war, unhindered by the German authorities. “Until March 1944,” says the Red Cross Report, “Jews who had the privilege of visas for Palestine were free to leave Hungary” (Vol. 1, p. 648). Even after the replacement of the Horthy Government in 1944 (following its attempted armistice with the Soviet Union) with a government more dependent on German authority, the emigration of Jews continued.

The Committee secured the pledges of both Britain and the United States “to give support by every means to the emigration of Jews from Hungary,” and from the U.S. Government, the ICRC received a message stating that “The Government of the United States … now specifically repeats its assurance that arrangements will be made by it for the care of all Jews who in the present circumstances are allowed to leave” (Vol. 1, p. 649).

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150,000 Jews were in Hitler’s army



June 26, 2014By Truth Will Out In Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

As Many As 150000 Jews  Served In Hitler’s Military

If you leave out parts of an equation the resulting answer you get is always incorrect. Here are some of the missing parts that make up the $3 Bill we know as “World War II & the Holocaust”

As many as 150000 Jews served in Hitlers military, some with the Nazi leader’s explicit consent, according to a U.S. historian who has interviewed hundreds of former soldiers.

Bryan Mark Rigg, history professor at the American Military University in Virginia, told Reuters on Thursday that the issue of soldiers of partial Jewish descent was long a somewhat taboo subject, overlooked by most academics as it threw up thorny questions.

“Not everybody who wore a uniform was a Nazi and not every person of Jewish descent was persecuted,” he said. “Where do they belong? They served in the military but lost mum at Auschwitz.”

According to the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, Jews or those of partial Jewish descent were unfit for military service, but Rigg tracked down and interviewed more than 400 former soldiers of partial Jewish descent — labelled “Mischlinge” (“half-caste”) by the Nazis.

He estimates there were about 60,000 soldiers with one Jewish parent and 90,000 with a Jewish grandparent in the Wehrmacht, the regular army as distinct from the Nazi SS.

“They thought ‘if I serve well they’re not going to hurt me and not going to hurt my family’,” he said.

However, on returning home from the campaign in Poland at the start of the war to find persecution of their families worsening, many soldiers classified as half-Jewish started to complain, prompting Hitler to order their dismissal in 1940.

But many of these so-called half-Jewish soldiers continued to serve, sometimes due to delays in the discharge order reaching the front, because they concealed their background or because they applied and won clemency for good service.

Many senior officers with Jewish ancestry won special permission to serve from Hitler himself.

“History is not so black and white. History about Mischlinge shows how bankrupt the Nazi racial laws were,” said Rigg.


While Germany has long been aware of men serving as soldiers who Nazi race laws should have classified as Jewish, most notably former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Luftwaffe Field Marshal Erhard Milch, Rigg’s large estimate has surprised many.

Die Welt daily called Rigg’s book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” “one of the most important Holocaust studies of recent years”. The author was in Berlin to launch the German language version.

“The Mischlinge suffered the same fate in academic life as they did in real life. There was nobody to speak for them,” Rigg said. “People thought it could be misinterpreted, it would be like saying: ‘look they did it to themselves’.”

Rigg, who has served in the U.S. Marines and as a volunteer in the Israeli army, was moved to research the subject after he discovered his own Jewish ancestry while probing his family tree and after a chance meeting with a Jewish Wehrmacht veteran.

Many of his subjects were telling their story for the first time and in some cases their families knew nothing of their Jewish heritage. “They would talk their hearts out, telling me all about this schizophrenic story they went through,” he said.

Source Rense/Reuters

The Greatest Story Never Told

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Pohl Report – outlining efforts to reduce deaths of inmates

There are two Nuremberg documents that give total concentration camp deaths in the later half of 1942.

One is the socalled Pohl Report, 1469-PS


Pohl Report



Berlin, 9/30/1943


Unter den Eichen 126-135

Telephone: Local 765261

Long distance 765101

The Chief SS Economic and Administrative Main Office

Reich Leader SS

Subject: Deaths in concentration camps.

Reference: None

Enclosures: 3

Reich Leader:

Although in the month of December the mortality rate was still
approximately 10 percent, in January 1943 it fell to 8 percent and
continued to fall.

This reduction in the mortality rate is due primarily to the fact that
the hygienic measures which have long been demanded have now been
carried out, at least to a larger extent. Furthermore, it has been
ordered in the field of nutrition that one-third of the food, raw and
properly chopped, be added shortly before distribution, to the cooked
food. Cooking too long has been avoided. Supplementary rations of
sauerkraut and similar foods have been issued. In regard to clothing,
it has been ordered that the prisoners may keep their coats on in the
winter, insofar as their work permits. Unnecessary prolongation of roll
calls has also been avoided. Permitting prisoners to receive food
shipments individually has had a favorable effect.

The experiments with the distribution of yeast preparation were also

The above measures were aided by the fact that selected prisoners were
incorporated in a special cooking course in the training kitchen at
Dachau. It is intended to conduct a new cooking course in the near

Two tables [charts] are enclosed.

1. Comparison of deaths in the second half of 1942 with the first half
of 1943this comparison shows that the over-all average of the second
half of 1942 was 9.89 percent while the over-all average of the first
half of 1943 was only 5.72 percent.

2. Deaths in the month of August 1943since January 1943 the death rate
has fallen steadily, so that in the month of August it was only 2.09

A graph is also enclosed, illustrating the figures for the
Sachsenhausen concentration camp extremely well. Sachsenhausen contains
26,500 people, 194 cases of death or 0.73 percent. Similar graphs could
be obtained for all the camps.

Although when bad weather begins, an increase in the death rate must be
expected, it is nevertheless certain that it will no longer exceed five
or six percent.

In Stutthof also, the death rate for the month of August 1943 fell to
3.45 percent while in the previous month it was still 5.69 percent.
Only in the Lublin concentration camp did the percentage figures rise
again to two or three percent. It is to be expected that when the
planned hygienic measures are carried out the mortality figures here
will also no longer differ from those elsewhere.

[Signed] POHL

SS Obergruppenfuehrer

received 10/4/1943

SS Economic and administrative Main Office

Office D/III

Comparison of death cases in the concentration camps, second half of
1942 and first half of 1943

July; Average number of inmates: 98000; Death Cases: 8329; Percent:

August; Average number of inmates: 115000; Death Cases: 12217;
Percentage: 10.62%.

September; Average number of inmates: 110000; Death Cases: 11206;
Percentage 10.19%.

October; Average number of inmates: 85800; Death Cases: 8856;
Percentage: 10.32%.

November; Average number of inmates: 83500; Death Cases: 8095;
Percentage: 9/69%.

December; Average number of inmates: 88000; Death Cases: 8800;
Percentage 10%.

January; Average number of inmates: 123000; Death Cases: 9839;
Percentage: 8%.

February; Average number of inmates: 143100; Death Cases: 11650;
Percentage: 8.14%.

March; Average number of inmates: 154200; Death Cases: 12112;
Percentage: 7.85%.

April; Average number of inmates: 171000; Death Cases: 8358;
Percentage: 4.71%.

May; Average number of inmates: 203000; Death Cases: 5700; Percentage:

June; Average number of inmates: 199500; Death Cases: 5650; Percentage:

Over-all average 96,770, or 9.89 percent.

Over-all average 165,600, or 5.72 percent.

Oranienburg, 9/22/1943.

Field Command Post, 10/8/1943

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Axis History: Pohl Report

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Jewish groups declared war on Germany in 1933

Judea declares war on Germany

Jews of All The World Unite in Action




“Daily Express” Special Political Correspondent.

24 March, 1933

ALL Israel is uniting in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews in Germany.

Adolf Hitler, swept into power by an appeal to elemental patriotism, is making history of a kind he least expected. Thinking to unite only the German nation to race consciousness he has roused the whole Jewish people to a national renaissance.

The appearance of the Swastika symbol of a new Germany has called forth the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance.

Fourteen million Jews dispersed throughout the world have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists. Sectional differences and antagonisms have been submerged in one common aim – to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised by Hitlerist anti-Semitism, and to compel Fascist Germany to end its campaign of violence and suppression directed against its Jewish minority.

World Jewry has made up its mind not to rest quiescent in face of this revival of medieval Jew-baiting.

Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler’s antagonism to the Jews. She is faced with an International boycott in commerce, finance, and ministry. She may find herself in spiritual and cultural isolation, recoiling before the burning crusade that Jews of all lands are launching in defence of their afflicted brethren.

The Jewish merchant prince is leaving his counting-house, the banker his board-room, the shopkeeper his store, and the pedlar his humble barrow a holy war to combat the Hitlerist enemies of the Jew.


Plans for concerted Jewish action are being matured in Europe and America to strike back in reprisal at Hitlerist Germany.

In London, New York, Paris, and Warsaw, Jewish merchants are uniting for a commercial crusade against Germany

Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business world to sever trade relations with Germany.

Large numbers of merchants in London have resolved to stop buying German goods, even at the cost of suffering heavy loss.

Similar action is being taken throughout the United States. Mass meetings in New York and other American cities attended by hundreds of thousands of indignant Jews, have called for a wholesale boycott of German goods. In Poland the trade embargo on Germany is already in operation. In France a proposed ban on German imports is being widely canvassed in Jewish circles.

A concerted world boycott by Jewish buyers is likely to involve grave damage to the German export trade. Jewish merchants all over the world are large buyers of German manufactured goods, chiefly cotton goods, silks, toys, electrical fittings, and furniture.

A meeting of the Jewish textile trade in London has been called for Monday to consider the situation and to determine what steps should be taken in regard to Germany.


Germany is a heavy borrower in foreign money markets, where Jewish effluence is considerable. Continued anti-Semitism in Germany is likely to react seriously against her. A move is on foot on the part of Jewish financiers action to stop.

Germany’s Transatlantic shipping traffic is likewise threatened. The Bremen and the Europa, the German crack liners, may suffer heavily from a Jewish anti-German boycott. Jewish trans-ocean travellers from an important part of the patrons of these liners because of their extensive part in international trade. The loss of their patronage would be a heavy blow to Germany’s Atlantic trade.

World-wide preparations are being made to organise great Jewish demonstrations of protest to call attention to the sufferings of the German Jews at the hands of the Hitlerites, and to demand action to stop German anti-Semitism.

The whole of American Jewry has been roused to an unprecedented heat of indignation agents Germany. A rabbinical decree in New York has made next Monday a day of fasting and prayer over the Hitler campaign.

Fasting will begin on Sunday at sunset and finish at sunset on Monday. All Jewish shops in New York will be closed on Monday during a parade.

Apart from a monster meeting in Madison Square Garden, meetings are to be held in 300 American cities.

Madison Square Garden will see the remarkable sight of Bishop Manning peaking from a Jewish platform appealing for an end of the Hitler “terror”.

Every Rabbi in the City of New York has been placed under a scared obligation by Rabbinical decree to devote Saturday’s sermon to the plight of the Jews in Germany.

The “New York Times” this morning says a list of a thousand German immigrations who have come to the United States during recent years has been compiled by an overseas Nazi organisation, the object being to use these people for Nazi propaganda in the United States.


The organisation of Jewish youth in Britain is organising demonstrations in London and the provinces during the week-end.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, representing the entire Jewish community in Great Britain, is meeting in special session on Sunday to discuss the German situation and decide on what action is to be taken to counteract the attacks on their German fellow Jews.

Members of the American House of Representatives are introduction resolutions protesting against the anti-Jewish express in Germany. The American trade unions, representing 3,000,000 workers, have also decided to join in the protests.

Representative Jewish organisations in the European capitals are understood in to be making representations to their respective Governments to use influence with the Hitler Cabinet to induce it to call a halt in the oppression of the German Jews.

The old and reunited people of Israel are rising with new and modern weapons to fight this age old battle with their persecutors.

Radio Islam

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Confession of camp commandant Höss extracted by torture

How the British Obtained The Confessions Of Rudolf Höss

By Dr. Robert Faurisson
The Journal for Historical Review
Winter 1986 Volume 7 page 389

Rudolf Höss was the first of three successive commandants of the Auschwitz concentration camp. He is often called “the Commandant of Auschwitz,” and the general public knows of him from a book published under the title Commandant in Auschwitz.

He appeared before the International Military Tribunal as a witness on 15 April 1946, where his deposition caused a sensation. To the amazement of the defendants and in the presence of journalists from around the world, he confessed to the most frightful crimes that history had ever known. He said that he had personally received an order from Himmler to exterminate the Jews. He estimated that at Auschwitz 3,000,000 people had been exterminated, 2,500,000 of them by means of gas chambers. His confessions were false. They had been extorted from Höss by torture, but it took until 1983 to learn the identity of the torturers and the nature of the tortures they inflicted upon him.

The confessions of Rudolf Höss supply the keystone to the theory which maintains that systematic extermination of the Jews, especially by means of homicidal gas chambers, was a historical reality.

These confessions consist essentially of four documents which, in chronological order, are the following:

etc etc etc

The war ended in Germany on 8 May 1945. Höss fell into the hands of the British, who imprisoned him in a camp for SS men. As a trained agronomist, he obtained an early release. His guards were unaware of the importance of their prey. A work office found him employment as an agricultural work at a farm near Flensburg, not far from the Danish border. He remained there for eight months. The military police looked for him. His family, with whom he succeeded in making contact, was closely watched and subjected to frequent searches.

Revelations in 1983 About the British Torturers of Rudolf Höss

The Revisionists proved a long time ago that the various confessions of Rudolf Höss contained so many gross errors, nonsensical elements, and impossibilities of all kinds, that it is no longer possible to believe them, as did the judges at Nuremberg and Cracow, as well as certain self styled historians, without any prior analysis of their content and of the circumstances in which they were obtained.

In all likelihood, Höss was tortured by the British soldiers of the 92nd Field Security Section, but a confirmation of that hypothesis was necessary. Confirmation has come with the publication in England of a book containing the name of the principal torturer (a British sergeant of Jewish origin) and a description of the circumstances of Höss’ arrest, as well as his third-degree interrogation.

The book is by Rupert Butler. It was published in 1983 (Hamlyn Paperbacks). Butler is the author of three other works: The Black Angels, Hand of Steel and Gestapo, all published by Hamlyn. The book that interests us is entitled Legions of Death. Its inspiration is anti-Nazi. Butler says that he researched this book at the Imperial War Museum in London, the Institute for Contemporary History and Wiener Library, and other such prestigious institutions. At the beginning of his book, he expresses his gratitude to these institutions and, among others, to two persons, one of whom is Bernard Clarke (“who captured Auschwitz Commandant Rudolf Höss”). The author quotes several fragments of what are either written or recorded statements by Clarke.

Bernard Clarke shows no remorse. On the contrary, he exhibits a certain pride in having tortured a “Nazi.” Rupert Butler, likewise, finds nothing to criticize in that. Neither of them understands the importance of their revelations. They say that Höss was arrested on 11 March, 1946, and that it took three days of torture to obtain “a coherent statement.” They do not realize that the alleged “coherent statement” is nothing other than the lunatic confession, signed by their quivering victim on the l4th or l5th of March 1946, at 2:30 in the morning, which was to seal Höss’ fate definitely, a confession which would also give definitive shape to the myth. The confession would also shape decisively the myth of Auschwitz, the supposed high-point of the extermination of the Jews, above all due to the alleged use of homicidal gas chambers.

On 11 March 1946, a Captain Cross, Bernard Clarke and four other intelligence specialists in British uniforms, most of them tall and menacing, entered the home of Frau Höss and her children.

The six men, we are told, were all “practised in the more sophisticated techniques of sustained and merciless investigation” (p. 235). Clarke began to shout:
If you don’t tell us [where your husband is] we’ll turn you over to the Russians and they’ll put you before a firing-squad. Your son will go to Siberia.Frau Höss broke down and revealed, says Clarke, the location of the farm where her husband was in hiding, as well as his assumed name: Franz Lang. And Bernard Clarke added:

Suitable intimidation of the son and daughter produced precisely identical information.The Jewish sergeant and the five other specialists in third degree interrogation then left to seek out Höss, whom they surprised in the middle of the night, sleeping in an alcove of the room used to slaughter cattle on the farm.

Höss screamed in terror at the mere sight of British uniforms.Clarke yelled “What is your name?”With each answer of “Franz Lang,” Clarke’s hand crashed into the face of his prisoner. The fourth time that happened, Höss broke and admitted who he was.The admission suddenly unleashed the loathing of the Jewish sergeants in the arresting party whose parents had died in Auschwitz following an order signed by Höss.The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pyjamas ripped from his body. He was then dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to Clarke the blows and screams were endless.Eventually, the Medical Officer urged the Captain: “Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse.”A blanket was thrown over Höss and he was dragged to Clarke’s car, where the sergeant poured a substantial slug of whisky down his throat. Then Höss tried to sleep.Clarke thrust his service stick under the man’s eyelids and ordered in German: “Keep your pig eyes open, you swine.”For the first time Höss trotted out his oft-repeated justification: “I took my orders from Himmler. I am a soldier in the same way as you are a soldier and we had to obey orders.”The party arrived back at Heide around three in the morning. The snow was swirling still, but the blanket was torn from Höss and he was made to walk completely nude through the prison yard to his cell. (p. 237)So it is that Bernard reveals “It took three days to get a coherent statement out of [Höss]” (ibid.). This admission was corroborated by Mr. Ken Jones in an article in the Wrexham Leader. (October 17,1986):

Mr. Ken Jones was then a private with the fifth Royal Horse Artillery stationed at Heid[e) in Schleswig-Holstein. “They brought him to us when he refused to cooperate over questioning about his activities during the war. He came in the winter of 1945/6 and was put in a small jail cell in the barracks,” recalls Mr. Jones. Two other soldiers were detailed with Mr. Jones to join Höss in his cell to help break him down for interrogation. “We sat in the cell with him, night and day, armed with axe handles. Our job was to prod him every time he fell asleep to help break down his resistance,” said Mr. Jones. When Höss was taken out for exercise he was made to wear only jeans and a thin cotton shirt in the bitter cold. After three days and nights without sleep, Höss finally broke down and made a full confession to the authorities.Clarke’s statement, obtained under the conditions just described by bullies of British Military Security under the brutal inspiration of sergeant-interpreter Bernard Clarke, became Höss’s first confession, the original confession indexed under the number NO-1210. Once the tortured prisoner had begun to talk, according to Clarke, it was impossible to stop him. Clarke, no more conscious in 1982 or 1983 than in 1946 of the enormity of what he forced Höss to confess, goes on to describe a series of fictitious horrors presented here as the truth: Höss went on to tell how after the bodies had been ignited, the fat oozing from them was poured over the other bodies (!). He estimated the number of dead during just the period when he was at Auschwitz at two million (!); the killings reached 10,000 victims per day (!).

It was Clarke’s duty to censor the letters sent by Höss to his wife and children. Every policeman knows that the power to grant or withhold permission to a prisoner to write to his family constitutes a psychological weapon. To make a prisoner “sing” it is sometimes sufficient to merely suspend or cancel that authorization. Clarke makes an interesting remark about the content of Höss’s letters; he confides to us:

Sometimes a lump came to my throat. There were two different men in that one man. One was brutal with no regard for human life. The other was soft and affectionate. (p. 238)Rupert Butler ends his narrative by saying that Höss sought neither to deny nor to escape his responsibilities. In effect, at the Nuremberg tribunal Höss conducted himself with a “schizoid apathy.” The expression is that of the American prison psychologist, G.M. Gilbert, who was in charge of the psychological surveillance of the prisoners and whose eavesdropping aided the American prosecution. We can certainly believe that Höss was “split in two”! He had the appearance of a rag because they had turned him into a rag.

“Apathetic”, writes Gilbert on page 229 of his book; “apathetic, he repeats on the following page; “schizoid apathy,” he writes on page 239 (Nuremberg Diary, 1947, Signet Book, 1961).

At the end of his trial at Cracow; Höss greeted his death sentence with apparent indifference, Rupert Butler comments as follows:
[Höss] reasoned that Allies had their orders and, that there could be absolutely no question of these not being carried out. (ibid.)One could not say it any better. It seems that Rudolf Höss, like thousands of accused Germans turned over to the mercy of conquerors who were totally convinced of their own goodness, had quickly grasped that he had no other choice but to suffer the will of his judges, whether they came from the West or from the East.

Butler then quickly evokes the case of Hans Frank, the former Governor of Poland. With the same tone of moral satisfaction he recounts the circumstances of Frank’s capture and subsequent treatment:

Celebrity status of any kind singularly failed to impress the two coloured GIs who arrested him and made sure he was transported to the municipal prison in Miesbach only after he had been savagely beaten up and flung into a lorry.A tarpaulin had been thrown over him to hide the more obvious signs of ill-treatment; Frank found the cover useful when he attempted to slash an artery in his left arm.Clearly, no such easy way out could be permitted; a US army medical officer saved his life and he stood trial at the International Military Tribunial at Nuremberg. (p. 238-239)Rudolf Höss and Hans Frank were not the only ones to undergo treatment of that kind. Among the most celebrated cases, we know of Julius Streicher, Hans Fritzsche, Oswald Pohl, Franz Ziereis, and Josef Kramer.

But the case of Rudolf Höss is by far the most serious in its consequences. There is no document that proves that the Germans had a policy of exterminating the Jews. Léon Poliakov agreed with this in 1951:

As regards the conception properly called of the plan for a total extermination, the three or four principal actors committed suicide in May of 1945. No document has survived or perhaps has ever existed.(Bréviaire de la haine: Le IIIe Reich et les Juifs, Calmann-Levy, 1951, Livre de Poche, 1974, p.171 )In the absence of any document, historians à la Poliakov have repeatedly returned, primarily, to doubtful confessions like those of Kurt Gerstein or Rudolf Höss, sometimes modifying the texts to suit their convenience.

Bernard Clarke is “today a successful businessman working in the south of England” (Legions of Death, 1983, p. 235). One can in fact say that it is his voice that was heard at Nuremberg on 15 April 1946, when Assistant Prosecutor Amen read, piece by piece, to an astonished and overwhelmed audience, the supposed confession of Rudolf Höss. On that day was launched a lie of world-wide dimensions: the lie of Auschwitz. At the origins of that prodigious media event: several Jewish sergeants of British Military Security, including Bernard Clarke, “today a successful businessman working in the south of England.”

The Testimony of Moritz von Schirmeister

During the war, Moritz von Schirmeister had been the personal press attaché of Joseph Goebbels. On 29 June 1946, he was interrogated before the IMT as a defense witness for Hans Fritzsche. His deposition was particularly interesting regarding the actual personality of Dr. Goebbels and the attitude of the official German news services toward the flood of atrocity stories about the concentration camps spread during the war by the Allies.

At the end of the war, Moritz von Schirmeister had been arrested by the British and interned in a camp in England, where he was given the task of politically “re-educating” his fellow prisoners. Before testifying at Nuremberg, he was transferred by plane from London to Germany. At first he was kept at Minden-on-the-Weser, which was the principal interrogation center for the British Military Police. From there he was taken by car (31 March — 1 April 1946) to the prison at Nuremberg. In the same car rode Rudolf Höss. Moritz von Schirmeister is precisely that “prisoner of war who had been brought over from London as a witness in Fritzsche’s defense about whom Höss speaks in his “memoirs” (see above, p. 393).

Thanks to a document that I obtained from American researcher Mark Weber, who gave me a copy of it in Washington in September of 1983 (a document whose exact source I not yet authorized to indicate), we know that they were able to talk freely in the car that took them to Nuremberg. In that document, slightly more than two pages long, Schirmeister reports, as regarding the charges hanging over Höss, that Höss confided to him:
Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebracht habe. Aber ich hätte genausogut untershrieben, dass es 5 Millionen Juden gewesen sind. Es gibt eben Methoden, mit denen man jedes Geständnis erreichen kann — ob es nun wahr ist oder nicht.”Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half million Jews. But I could just as well have said that it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.”

Another Confession Signed by Rudolf Höss

The British torturers of Rudolf Höss had no reason to exercise any restraint. After making him sign document NO-1210 at 2:30 in the morning of the l4th or l5th of March 1946, they obtained a new signature from him on March 16, this time at the bottom of a text in English, written in an English handwriting style, with a blank in the space where the name of the place ought to have been given. His guards made him sign a simple note written in English:

Statement made voluntarily at ______ Gaol by Rudolf Höss, former Commandant of Auschwitz Concentration Camp on l6th day of March 1946.I personally arranged on orders received from Himmler in May 1941 the gassing of two million persons between June/July 1941 and the end of 1943 during which time I was commandant of Auschwitz.signed.
Rudolf Höss,
Eh. (?) Kdt. v. Auschwitz-Birkenau(even the word “signed” was written in an English hand).The Auschwitz Myth

We have known for some time that the Auschwitz myth is of an exclusively Jewish origin. Arthur R. Butz has related the facts in his book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, as has Wilhelm Stäglich in The Auschwitz Myth. The principal authors of the creation and the peddling of the “rumor of Auschwitz” have been, successively, two Slovaks, Alfred Wetzler (or Weczler) and Rudolf Vrba (or Rosenberg or Rosenthal); then a Hungarian, Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weissmandel (or Weissmandl); then, in Switzerland, representatives of the World Jewish Congress like Gerhard Riegner, who were in touch with London and Washington; and finally Americans like Harry Dexter White, Henry Morgenthau Jr. and Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise. Thus was born the famous World Refugee Board Report on Auschwitz and Birkenau, published in Washington in November 1944. Copies of this report were included in the files of the judges advocate general in charge of prosecuting the Germans involved in the Auschwitz camp. It constituted the official version of the story of the alleged gassing of the Jews in that camp. Most probably it was used as a reference work by the inquirers-interrogators-torturers of “the Commandant of Auschwitz.” All the names here mentioned are those of Jews.

Moreover we now see that Bernard Clarke, the first British torturer, was a Jew, The second British torturer, Major Draper (?), may also have been a Jew. The same for the two Americans: psychologist G.M. (Gustave Mahler) Gilbert and Colonel Harlan Amen. Finally, in Poland, Höss was faced with Polish Jews who treated him more or less the same way. When he wrote his “memoirs” it was under the supervision of instructing magistrate Jan Sehn, who was also probably a Jew.

Establishment historians dispute that Höss had been tortured and had confessed under duress. Since the publication of Rupert Butler’s book in 1983, however, it is no longer possible for them to contest that. The Revisionists were right.

Since 1985 it is even less possible. In January-March 1985, the trial of Ernst Zündel, who was accused by a Jewish association and by the Crown of spreading Revisionist literature, took place in Toronto (Canada). Rudolf Vrba testified as a Crown witness. (He lives now in British Columbia). Affirmative and self assured as long as he answered the questions of the Crown, he suffered a spectacular rout when cross-examined by Ernst Zündel’s lawyer, Doug Christie. For the first time since 1945 a Jewish witness to the alleged gassings in Auschwitz was asked to explain his affirmations and his figures. The result was so terrible for R. Vrba that finally the Crown itself gave a kind of coup de grace to its key witness. That unexpected event and some others (like the leading specialist of the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg, being caught red-handed in his lies) really made of the “Toronto Trial” the “Trial of the Nuremberg Trial.”

The unintentional revelations of Rupert Butler in 1983 and unexpected revelations of the “Toronto Trial” in 1985 succeeded at last in showing entirely and clearly how the Auschwitz myth was fabricated from 1944 to 1947, to be exact from April 1944, when Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler are supposed to have escaped from Auschwitz to tell their story to the world up until April 1947, when Rudolf Höss was hanged after having supposedly told the same world his own story about Auschwitz.

It is remarkable that from beginning to end that story comes from essentially or perhaps even exclusively Jewish sources. Two Jewish liars (Vrba and Wetzler) from Slovakia convinced or seemed to have convinced other Jews from Hungary, Switzerland, United States, Great Britain, and Poland. This is not a conspiracy or a plot; it is the story of the birth of a religious belief: the myth of Auschwitz, center of the religion of the Holocaust.

The Journal for Historical Review
Winter 1986 Volume 7 page 389



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