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“Tales of the Holohoax”

Alice in Lampshade Land

“… Oh my dear, is that you Cheshire Cat? … My word, this places is the strangest I’ve ever been in!”



Genuine Miracles of the Holy Hoax

Down through the ages, God’s Holy People have miraculously experienced all kinds of miracles and miraculously survived all kinds of holocausts to get where they are today … serving as a beacon of morality unto all nations.



… They miraculously survived drowning, when the Red Sea parted for them as they fled Pharaoh’s oppression …



During their exile in Babylon, the Old Testament(1) tells us that the Jews allowed their children to be thrown into huge fiery ovens inside the belly of the monster Moloch where they were burned alive.



According to the Jewish book, The Talmud, the Romans slaughtered 40 million Jews during the siege of the Israeli fortress of Bar Kokhba. This was a great miracle because according to demographers there weren’t that many Jews in the WHOLE WORLD …



According to Jewish tradition, the nefarious Romans rolled a rabbi up inside a Torah scroll and set it on fire … While he was being cooked the rabbi saw letters from the Scroll hop into the air MIRACULOUSLY.(2)

Our modern era has not been lacking in Jewish miracles either … in fact, the Holohoax is filled with miracle after miracle that defy the principles of science.

The Miracle of the Jumping Buckets of Flesh

According to the ADL-certified eyewitness and Holohoax survivor, St. Filip Muller, in his book “Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in a Gas Chamber”(3), Nazi doctors cut flesh into buckets at the crematorium … yet somehow the flesh was still alive, and as St. Filip tells us, made the buckets jump around!



Miracle of the Smoke-Belching Cremation Chimneys

In many movies, as well as in the testimony of Holohoax “survivors”, giant crematoria smokestacks belch huge, ominous clouds of thick black smoke as Jews are burned in the Nazi ovens. The movie called “The Wall” depicted this miracle with great piety … yet according to the builder’s patent for Auschwitz crematoria,(4) they don’t give off any smoke or flames. It’s impossible for crematoria to do that because that’s exactly what cremation technology was invented to do … to suppress emissions … so the smoking crematoria in Auschwitz were miraculous! Praise the Holy Hoax!

The Miracle of the Color-Coded Flames 

During the 1985 Zundel trial in Canada, media-certified actual Holohoax eyewitness and “survivor” Arnold Friedman testified that while in Auschwitz he could tell who was being burned in the ovens by the color of the flames that shot out of the cremation chimney. Mr. Friedman told the court that if blue flames shot out of the chimney it meant that a Hungarian Jew was being burned. If green flames came out of the chimney it meant that a Polish Jew was being burned, and so on.(5)

“Do you see that? … Blue flames! … There goes Irving … Look! … Green flames! … Must be Seymour … Did you see the color of poor Seymour’s flames?”

“What ya talkin’ about … I don’t even see any flames.”

Pope Elie’s Miraculous Escape

The pope of the Holy Hoax is His Pontificance, Elie Wiesel. By a miracle, Pope Elie survived the Nazi killing machine at Auschwitz only to be imprisoned in Buchenwald where according to Elie, “They sent ten thousand to their deaths every day!” But despite the methodical nature of the Nazi killing machine, Pope Elie miraculously escaped being killed. “I was always in the last hundred (to be killed) near the gate.”(6) … Yet the Nazis never got him … IT WAS A MIRACLE!

Loudspeaker: “… We repeat! … Number 100 … Pope Elie … Report to gas chambers at once!”

Pope Elie: “I keep tellin’ ya … I’m busy … re-schedule me, already!”



The Miracle of Anne Frank’s Diary 

St. Anne is the girl that wrote a “diary” which has been a bestseller around the world. She had a magic pen that changed dates and rewrote the “diary” two years later. When Anne died of typhus, the pen was inherited by her daddy, who re-wrote the “diary” over and over again.(7) And the magic pen never ran out of ink!

“Here’s your pen, dear … It’s the latest model from the future …”


In the holy movie “Shoah” we meet St. Abraham Bomba who ran a barber shop in the gas chamber at Treblinka, which according to him, featured 16 barrels plus 140 inmates, plus some benches in a space that was only 16 square meters big! This may well have been the most crowded barber shop in the world. It was a miracle the barbers could get the inmates’ hair cut in time for the next scheduled gassing, which according to St. Bomba was every five minutes … but it would have taken hours to vent the poison Zyklon gas …

… So if this weren’t a magic barber shop, everybody would have been killed … including the barbers.(8)

“Go easy on the sideburns, Abe.”



The Miracle of the 23 Million Jews …

Martin Gilbert is one of the most respected high priests of the Holohoax religion. In his catechism, St. Gilbert states that: “In the spring and summer of 1942 … hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed every day.”(9)

If 200,000 Jews were indeed gassed daily by the Nazis for the 17 weeks of spring and early summer, that would be 23,800,000 Jews gassed just in those 4 months alone! What a miracle this must have been since there weren’t 23 million Jews in the whole world at the time …

The Miracle of the Magic Gas Chambers! 

This is one of the most powerful and sacred of all Holohoax miracles. According to scientists and engineers who have inspected the “GAS CHAMBERS” on display in Auschwitz, Poland(10), it was impossible for any of these to have ever operated as gas chambers due to a total lack of properly sealed doors, fans or vents.

The Jews must have been “gassed” by magic!

Sign: “Auschwitz gas chamber”

“… And here are the high-tech, hermetically sealed gas chambers where the methodical Nazis gassed millions of Jews with Zyklon B …”



The Miracle of the Burning Pits

12.000 Jews per day were burned in Auschwitz-Birkenau every day in the spring and summer of 1944 during the Holohoax. Thousands were burned out in the open, in pits … Thousands of others were burned in the “ovens” (crematoria) during the spring and summer of 1944. Yet during the same time period, the allies took aerial reconnaisance photographs of the Auschwitz-Birkenau labor camp, which fail to show the slightest trace of smoke or burning bodies in pits.(11)

“… You do maintain then, Prof. Miller, that thousands of Jews were burned in the ovens and open-air pits of Auschwitz-Birkenau?”

“… I certainly do! And anyone who says different is an anti-semitic Nazi Hatemonger!”

“… Now then, Professor, I offer for your inspection these 1944 photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which show absolutely no pits, no smoke and no flames. How then were thousands of Jews being burned without any evidence of the burning showing up in the photos of the camps taken at that time?”

“It was a MIRACLE!”

Those Who Miraculously Survived

In thousands of newspapers, books and films, tens of thousands of Jews have told stories about how – by a miracle – they survived the Nazi extermination camps. There are whole cities full of hundreds of thousands of such “miraculous survivors” – Skokie, Illinois, Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, California. Everyone from Elie Wiesel to Kitty Hart to the parents of Abraham Foxman, Nat’l Director of the ADL, miraculously survived. Typical newspaper stories are titled “One Family’s Miracle Tale” and feature Jews hiding in an oven.(12)

Banner: Miraculous Survivors of the Holocaust

“I survived the gas chambers. It was a miracle. I hid in an oven.”

“I hid in a chimney … It was a miracle.”

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

Evil heretics and apostates say that if hundreds of thousands of Jews have survived, it was because the Nazis wanted them to survive. If there really were extermination facilities, not many of these Jews would be around today. These sinister skeptics claim that such “survival” would only be a “miracle” if a few Jews survived. But when there are hundreds of thousands of miraculous survivors, the fact that they survived was … no miracle at all!



Mr. Weasel’s Miraculous Geysers of Blood

Elie Wiesel is not only a miraculous gassing survivor, he’s also an eyewitness to a wonderful miracle! … Wiesel, who won a Nobel “Oscar” in Stockholm for best tall tale of the Holohoax, has written that after the Nazis killed some Jews in Eastern Europe, the blood of the Jews began to spurt out of the ground in geysers! These geysers of Jewish blood … according to Mr. Weasel … continued to flow for MONTHS!(13)

“… Here you see the geysers of Jewish blood which have been spurting out of the piles of Jewish bodies in this field for the last two months. Do you see the geyser of Jewish blood flowing? … You must see it … even if only as a metaphor for the guilt of mankind must feel for the next six million years during which time you must all bow down to the Jewish blood you see flowing out of this geyser of shame. You can’t see it? … Look hard!! The T.V. can see it … the tooth fairy, George Bush and Sammy David Jr. can see it! My Aunt Sophie can see it … Yitzhak Shamir can see it … Why can’t you see the geysers of blood? … What, are you, prejudiced or something???”



Alice in Lampshade Land

Sub-human, demon-possessed, evil, wicked, vile Neo-Nazi devil-monsters made bars of soap out of Jewish people’s fat and lampshades out of their skin, according to the official stories and rumors of media and classrooms. Yuck! What scum those Nazis were. The only scum lower than them would be someone who would make up such a story to falsely accuse the German people of horrible crimes they never committed. But of course, even though no such supposed soap or lampshade was ever submitted to a science lab, to prove that it really did come from human fat and flesh, and that it was made by Germans, your teachers, reporters and Judeo-Christian ministers will tell you, “The Germans really did make these monstrous things … Amen.”

“… Oh my dear, is that you, Cheshire Cat? … My word, this Jewish Wonderland is strange indeed!”

… Even Holohoaxers sometimes get fed up with the more egregious aspects of the Hoax and thus as a kind of damage-control for preserving belief in the core of the tale (the gassings), two Jewish historians, Dr. Raul Hilberg of the Univ. of Vermont and Prof. Deborah Lipstadt of U.C.L.A. have finally admitted in public that the stories about the Nazi lampshades and bars of soap stories are nothing but lies!(14) But people still report the lampshade and soap stories anyway because after all … it’s only Germans that are being defamed. Besides, what religious believer ever stopped believing in a holy Wonderland just because science or evidence contradicted it?



Behold … The Most Wondrous Holohoax Miracle of Them All
The Miraculous “Proof” that the Holocaust Did Happen!

“… Here is the iron-clad proof that the Holocaust did happen! Look at those piles of bodies … saying the Holocaust didn’t happen is like saying the war never happened … no one can deny the Holy Hoax and here’s the proof!”

The Hoaxers want you to assume these people were gassed to death. But does a pile of bodies prove how people died? Ask your teachers what they mean when they say there was a “Holocaust”. Does “Holocaust” mean that people died from lack of food and from typhus epidemics? No revisionist denies that. But if the establishment claims that the “Holocaust” means “extermination by gas” … where is the proof?


“If these people were killed by being “gassed to death”, where are the autopsy reports stating this? There aren’t any such autopsy reports … all the autopsy reports show these corpses died from hunger or disease … like victims of any war in history … not from “gassings”.

Dr. Raul Hilberg, a leading Jewish Holohoax historian and author of the book, “The Destruction of European Jewry”, admitted under oath at the 1985 Zundel trial that there is not a single scientific report showing that any Jews died by gassing!(14).

“I’m at a loss” Hilberg told the court when asked to cite a single report! Dr. William Eckert, chief pathologist for the International Reference Organization in Forensic Medicine and Sciences has also confirmed that there are no autopsies showing any Jew in the camps was gassed.(15)

“Doubting the unscientific gas chamber superstition is not the same as saying “The Holocaust didn’t happen” as anti-intellectual suppressionists like to pretend … WWII itself was a “Holocaust” for everyone involved, especially for the people of Germany, and WWII certainly happened. The concentration camps existed and Jews died … from combat, deprivation and disease … as in any religious or political war in history. No one denies this. But what we historical detectives and investigators do deny is the irrational, hysterical and plainly mendacious claims that Jews were gassed to death by Nazis. There is no scientific evidence for such nonsense, and thinking people have the right to doubt it …

“… it’s elementary, Watson.”

“… Sherlock, you’re ruining my Shoah business! How can you deny that Jews were gassed when I have a tattoo on my arm, a lampshade in my den and a bar of soap in my bath? Sherlock Holmes is a Nazi! Down with Sherlock Holmes! Up with Elie and Yehuda and Yitzak and Aunt Sophie and Sammy Davis Jr! …”



Crimes by Jews Not Reported by the News …

Our “uncensored” news media forgot to tell you a thing or two about those war criminals they love to worship … Israeli war criminals and Zionist war crimes. The media image:

“We love everyone … we believe in peace, equality, tolerance and love for all mankind. Let all men come together as brothers and sisters … Let us love one another as our prophets and sages have told us … The world needs more brotherhood and love and peace … we must all combat bigotry, hate and racism!”

The Reality:

“… even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed”?*

* Literally, “Tob shebe goyyim harog”. The word “goyim” calls Gentiles (non-Jews), cattle. This slogan comes from the Talmud, the Jewish holy book! It was uttered by the Zionists’ most revered “prophet and sage” Rabbi Simon ben Yohai, whose grave in Israel is a national shrine. The accuracy of this quotation is verified in the article titled “Gentiles” in the 1907 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia, edited by Isidore Singer.

“You Israeli soldiers must exterminate the Amalek-Germans to the last man, woman and child … this is a mitzvah … KILL THEM ALL!”

Israeli Army sermon
Israel, Summer 1986



“Those terrible Nazis!”

“Here you see the Jews beaten and whipped by Nazi Commandant Hoess …”

Beirut, Lebanon, August 1982

After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Israeli Air Force indiscriminately bombed clearly marked schools and hospitals. Researcher Alexander Cockburn states that Israeli forces have been responsible for 200,000 deaths since 1948 (“The Nation” magazine, June 23, 1984 p. 754). Yet there is no move to cut off western taxpayer support of this carnage. The West has armed and bankrolled the Zionist murder spree for more than forty years. (For graphic documentation of the Israeli Air Force holocaust against Lebanon, see the tightly suppressed book “God Cried” by Tony Clifton, Quartet Books, 1983.)

“Oh, I feel so guilty for being white! We enslaved the blacks and crucified the Jews … I never want to have a baby … What if it was another Hitler?”

“You’re right, Debbie.”

“Jews have been terribly persecuted … the Jews suffered Holocaust after Holocaust throughout history. It would be a sin to go against them … We non-Jews are all guilty and owe the Jews a lot.”



Concern for the Jewish ghosts of the 1930’s and 40’s is infinitely greater than concern for the welfare of flesh and blood humanity suffering and dying in Palestine …

If there was an authentic holocaust in World War II, it was the burning alive of approximately half a million German women, children and other civilians in deliberate Allied Air Force firebombings of the civilian quarters of every major city. In Dresden, Germany, a medieval city of no military significance, British and U.S. bombers intentionally burned alive tens of thousands of German women and children, on orders of Winston Churchill and the approval of Roosevelt. The agony, horror and screams of these innocent German women and children are not heard on our T.V. sets. The war criminals who perpetrated this mass murder are not sought … nor prosecuted.



You can download “Tales of the Holohoax” by A. Wyatt Mann here:


“Heretical” website main page:



Next: Read about German concentration camps as told by photos.



There were swimming pools, gardens, modern hospital clinics, entertainment halls, classrooms for children, hobby rooms and even BROTHELS in these camps. You could do banking and read the newspaper and go to the library to read a book if you wished. You could knit, garden, paint and even sculpt during your leisure time.





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