Joe Vialls: False Flagging the Syrians


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Most professional counter-terrorist investigators rightfully blame the State of Israel for the premeditated murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher in London during April 1984, and the bombing of Pan Am 103 in December 1988, but some are puzzled by the apparent lack of activity during the intervening 32 months. The most common query revolves around continuity, i.e. if the State of Israel was really intent on incriminating Arab nations in order to ultimately gain total control of mid-east oil, why did it suddenly cease false-flag operations between April 1984 and December 1988?

The simple answer is that the State of Israel did not cease false flag operations at all, choosing instead to adopt a lower profile for its covert activities during this period. One of the prime Israeli objectives since 1948 has been that of ensuring Arab nations have no effective voice in the “international community”, especially in the form of accredited diplomats installed in overseas embassies. Israel appreciates the power available through such international institutions, and has in the past gone to extreme lengths to block Arab nations from gaining access to, or retaining, full diplomatic accreditation.

Two years after Yvonne Fletcher’s murder outside the Libyan Embassy in London, and 18 months before Pan Am 103 exploded en-route for New York, a young Irish woman was arrested while trying to smuggle a bomb on board an Israeli El Al airliner at London Airport Heathrow. British anti-terrorist authorities managed to work out that the visibly distressed young woman knew nothing about the bomb, and the hunt was on. Predictably perhaps, a Syrian diplomat was soon in the frame, and subsequently sentenced to 45 years imprisonment for terrorism. Things were not as they seemed however, and the following text is an extract from the book Profits of War (Allen & Unwin 1992), written by former Israeli Intelligence deputy chief Ari Ben-Menashe.

” In 1986 Radi was involved in another slush-fund black operation – the well documented attempt to blow up an El Al plane. Or at least what was publicly perceived to be an attempt. In fact, it was a cold, calculated plan conceived by Rafi Eitan [The Boss of Israeli Intelligence] to discredit the Syrians. At a secret meeting in Paris, Eitan told Radi that he wanted to implicate the Syrian Embassy in London in terrorism and have all the Syrian diplomats thrown out of England [Exactly what happened to the Libyans after Yvonne Fletcher’s murder outside their London Embassy in 1984]. Radi had a 35-year-old cousin, Nezar Hindawi, living in London, who had two things going for him – he was friendly with the Syrian Air Force intelligence attache in London, and he had a problem with an Irish girlfriend who told him she was pregnant.”

“Radi went to his cousin and offered him $50,000. At the same time he told Hindawi he wanted him to do some work on behalf of Palestine that would also rid him of his troublesome girlfriend. ‘This money I am offering to you’ Radi told Hindawi, ‘is from our Syrian brothers on behalf of the Palestinians. We want to blow up a Zionist plane. All you have to do is make sure the girl gets onto an El Al plane with explosives in her bag.’ Radi arranged for his cousin to meet the Syrian intelligence officer, and Hindawi later came away with the clear impression that what he was doing was for the Arab cause.”

“In accordance with his briefing, Hindawi told his 32-year-old girlfriend, Anne-Marie Murphy, a chambermaid at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, that he loved her and wanted to marry her. He was eager to introduce her, his future bride, to his old Palestinian parents who lived in an Arab village in Israel. He told her to go and visit them and receive their blessing. Then, when she arrived back in England, they would get married. Overjoyed, she agreed to go, not realising the address he gave her in Israel was bogus.”

“As far as Hindawi knew, the woman was going to be sacrificed. All he had to do was tell her that he wanted her to take a bag of gifts to his parents. But because he didn’t want to risk her being stopped for having too much carry-on luggage, he would arrange for a ‘friend’ who worked at the airport to pass her the bag when she entered the El Al departure lounge. She would walk through the regular Heathrow security checks and then be given the package containing the bomb. Hindawi had been told that a Palestinian cleaner would pass the deadly package to Anne-Marie. In mid-April 1986, he kissed her goodbye and watched her walk through passport control to what he expected would be her death, along with that of all the other 400-plus passengers on board the El Al jumbo.”

“In the El Al departure lounge an Israeli security man dressed in casual clothes – the ‘Palestinian Cleaner’ – passed the girl the parcel. She took it. But within seconds she was asked to submit to a search. The security people, who were in on Rafi Eitan’s plan, could not afford any accidents. When the bag was opened, plastic explosives were found in a false bottom.”

“Anne-Marie was rushed off to be interrogated by British security. Sobbing, she told the story of the rat of a boyfriend. Police arrested Hindawi at the London Visitors Hotel, between Notting Hill and Earl’s Court, after his brother convinced him to give himself up. He spilled the beans and told them that a Syrian intelligence officer had asked him to carry out the task. But Radi was not implicated. He was under MI5 protection. As a result, Margaret Thatcher closed down the Syrian Embassy in London. Rafi Eitan had had his way; Hindawi was jailed for 45 years, and Anne-Marie went home to Ireland where she gave birth to a daughter. These were the kinds of black operations our [Israeli] slush fund was financing.

Ben-Menashe’s revelations in Profits of War came as no great surprise to the British Security Service, which had long suspected Israeli control of the “attempted” El Al bombing, so why did he go to such lengths to detail each and every step of the false flag operation? Perhaps to reinforce the public belief that “Arab Terrorists” can and do blow up passenger aircraft. His use of emotive language indicates this is the most likely case, by including passages like “As far as Hindawi knew, the girl was to be sacrificed”, and “…he watched her walk through passport control to what he expected would be her death, along with that of all the other 400-plus passengers on board the El Al jumbo.” In other words, those “Dirty Ayrabs” will kill anyone…

Not so. Careful analysis of the operation shows the Israelis deliberately picked a religious man caught in an illegitimate pregnancy trap, who was known to be desperate. At no time was Hindawi asked to source or purchase explosives, make bombs, or plant them on El Al jumbos. Without exception, the Israelis took care of all technical matters personally. There is also the matter of the target in question, the El Al jumbo. Like it or not, most Arabs see Israel (and thus El Al jumbos) as legitimate targets, which cannot be conveniently and emotionally extended to include American, British and other jumbos.

If there is a lesson for those attending the Lockerbie Trial, it is a far more serious lesson than a panic stricken Syrian diplomat prepared to sacrifice his girlfriend, in order to salvage his personal honour. Remember where Ben-Menashe wrote “But within seconds she [Anne-Marie] was asked to submit to a search. The security people, who were in or Rafi Eitan’s plan, could not afford any accidents.”? The Israelis had good cause to be worried about what Be-Menashe called “accidents”. There was a need to convince the British Security Service and forensic experts that this was a serious bombing attempt using a very serious weapon. Accordingly, the bag Anne-Marie was handed contained not only a large chunk of plastic explosive, but also a very live detonator and a timer.

The real lesson from this true story, is that a bunch of fanatical Israeli intelligence operatives deliberately introduced a large block of primed high-explosive into an El Al departure lounge containing 400-plus passengers, most of them Israeli citizens. One tiny mistake and the 400-plus passengers would have been killed or horribly maimed. Though the compliant mainstream media would have automatically blamed “Arab Terrorists” for any such “accident”, the reality is that the 400-plus Israeli passengers in the departure lounge, would have been killed or maimed by members of their own intelligence service.


The author Joe Vialls, is an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oilfield operations.

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